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News : ex-The Schoenberg Automaton vocalist performs with A Million Dead Birds Laughing [video]

By on November 20, 2012

As you probably heard, A Million Dead Birds Laughing parted ways with vocalist Adam not too long ago while he sorts out some personal issues. We ran an article about it, comparing it to Colin leaving The Schoenberg AutomatonWell it seems that worlds have collided! During their recent “instrumental” tour of Queensland, Colin joined AMDBL on stage to perform “King” and “Force-Fed”, the latter also featuring Brazen Bull‘s Weldon. It’s certainly unusual hearing the band without the original (and rather unique) vocalist, but this sounds damn good!

AMDBL still have two more shows to go on the Brazen Bull tour, but whether they’re playing instrumentally or with more guest vocalists remains a mystery.

Nov 23rd @ The Gasometer, Melbourne
AMDBL, Brazen Bull, Akaname and Broozer

Nov 24th @ Squatters Arms, Adelaide
AMDBL, Brazen Bull, Tzun Tzu and Exerthur 


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