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News : Hadal Maw are heavier than your band

By on November 15, 2012

If you haven’t heard Hadal Maw yet, then we’re here to help. The band are the latest addition to Melbourne’s death metal scene, and the two songs released so far are awesome. 

The beginning of Hadal Maw was actually back in 2010, with House of Thumb‘s Nick Rackham writing a few tech death tunes, but it is only recently that a full lineup was locked in and recordings were released. Swimming With Sharks‘ Aaron Grice is on the mic, Alarum‘s Rob Brens on the drums, Arcane Saints‘ Jim Luxford on the bass, and Ben Boyle from (the incredible) A Million Dead Birds Laughing on guitar.

Watch the video below (courtesy of Col B Cadell Photography and Video), have your everything destroyed, and then head over to Bandcamp where you can download “Shadow Caste” and “Merchant of Aeonian Pulse”.


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