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Album Reviews : King Parrot – Bite Your Head Off

By on October 22, 2012

It’s been over a year since Melbourne thrash/grind outfit King Parrot dominated the Australian music scene with their debut EP ‘The Stench of Hardcore Pub Trash’, and the Parrot were quick with heading back into the studio. The band recently released their debut full-length album ‘Bite Your Head Off’; 11 brutal tracks clocking in at around 23 minutes. Other than better production, there is not much you can say that is different about this album compared to their EP. It’s still the same old King Parrot; chaotic, low-tuned extreme thrash/punk riffage with relentless grind vocals on top of it. That’s the great thing about it.

Listening to the album does what the title suggests… Bites your head off! You can expect that standard from the first note of the album opener ‘Bozo’ until the last note of the album closer ‘Sandy’.
‘Bozo’ is one of the best tracks on the album as well. Maybe even the best, most aggressive track of their currently small catalogue of music. Whether you understand any of the lyrics, the vocals often get stuck in your head. On the topic of lyrics, they’re another great addition to the album, regardless of having to read the booklet to understand them. Matt Young has a very poetic style of writing, and the lyrics are absurd, yet humorous most of the time. A good example of that description would be the song ‘No Coincidence’.

Another highlight of the album would be the mosh anthem title track ‘Bite Your Head Off’, which has a catchy chorus that gives you the feeling of trashing your bedroom. ‘Lizard’ almost sounds like a groove metal song (instrumentally) at some points, but the faster sections drift it away from that. A track from their EP called ‘Sun in the Sea’ also appeared on this album. Being just slightly faster and much better production, it certainly sounds a lot better than the EP version.

If you have witnessed King Parrot live before, not only would you know how chaotic and violent their shows get, but in their debut album ‘Bite Your Head Off’, you can hear that the band has captured that sound and intensity you hear live. A big reminder of Australian metal legends Damaged, only with their own unique vibe. ‘Bite Your Head Off’ could be one of the best extreme Australian metal releases of 2012.

Rating: 8.5/10

Band: King Parrot
Bite Your Head Off
Year: 2012
Genre: Thrash/Grind
Label: Impedance
Origin: Melbourne, Victoria

Bozo (reviewers choice)
2. No Coincidence
3. Shit on the Liver
4. Bite Your Head Off (reviewers choice)
5. Dead End
6. Blaze in the Northern Suburbs
7. Lizard
8. Silly ol’ Mate
9. Sun in the Sea
10. Cold Steel Probe
11. Sandy



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