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Interviews : While She Sleeps – “We’re very self educated and aware of alot of things happening in the world today” (An interview with Aaran Mckenzie)

By on August 14, 2012

While She Sleeps – Aaran Mckenzie

While She Sleeps, a UK based metalcore outfit is currently breaking new ground with the release of their debut album, ‘This Is The Six’. The band currently have their crosshairs lined up with Australia , as one of many acts announced for the Soundwave Festival next year.

Metal Obsession’s Anwar Rizk, had a brief chat with While She Sleeps bassist, Aaran Mckenzie, about the band’s new album and their spot on the Soundwave Festival next year.


Metal Obsession: Could you give our readers a bit of insight into While She Sleeps?

Aaran Mckenzie: We were all friends at school and have always been in and out of bands until one day in 2006 Sean, mat and sav formed While she sleeps. Later joined by me (Aaran). Then as we all quit our jobs in 2009 to take things seriously as a band our old singer quit therefore the mighty Loz Taylor took his place and the While She Sleeps you see today was born!

MO: The band’s forthcoming new album, ‘This Is The Six’ will be available on August 13. What can fans of the hardcore/metal variety expect from this release?

AM: Massive beat downs, the sweetest of melodies and screams that will haunt your dreams!

MO: ‘The Six’ are the five members of the band and their fan base, correct?

AM: Correct!

MO: Who or what is the ‘Sleeps Army’?

AM: The sleeps army is While she sleeps, everyone who works for while she sleeps, all our friends, all our fans. Its a mother fucking army!

MO: While She Sleeps features some rather technical guitar picking and chunky riffs, all with a raw UK punk vibe. Would you agree with that statement?

AM: Yes 100% It’s pretty much the sound we were going for and have been looking for all our careers. We all love punk rock and have those ethics so it comes across in the album I think.

MO: Your press release states the band is both politically and socially conscious. Could you enlighten our readers on this a little more?

AM: Lets just say we’re very self educated and aware of alot of things happening in the world today!

MO: What are your personal views towards society at this present time?

AM: I’d rather not comment on that.

MO: Many seem to speculate of an esoteric slavery (secret societies, illuminati etc) controlling the planet. Do you believe this to be true?

AM: I think it’s hard to pin point on just one of these aspects. Its a very deep topic unable to be answered with just one question. There’s alot more to this world than meets the eye.

MO: The track, ‘Be(lie)ve’ features some rather blatant lyrics regarding church and state. What is your stance on the existence of both these institutions?

AM: I think people now need to wake up and smell the coffee as far as the church goes. It doesn’t take much figuring out to come to a certain conclusion. As far as the state goes… “Fuck the law”. They’re both controlling. Live your life like its your last day and have as much fun as you can!

MO: Are these themes related more to the UK or the planet as a whole?

AM: Both to be honest.

MO: Who’s been the biggest influence towards While She Sleeps, both musically and lyrically?

AM: Thrice have always been a big influence. Its one of the reasons we started this band. But musically and lyrically Sleeps are influenced by life experience. For example if a song is angry it’s gonna be about a hard or frustrating time in our lives.

MO: While She Sleeps recently got announced as one of many bands performing at next year’s Soundave festival. You must be pretty excited?

AM: Yeh its gona be amazing! Everyone on the line up is awesome!

MO: What sets ‘While She Sleeps’ apart from all other bands performing on the Soundwave 2013 line-up?

AM: We literally give every ounce of energy we have at every show so I hope thats enough!

MO: Anyone in particular on the Soundwave line-up you’re keen to see?

AM: I haven’t seen Blink 182 since I was a young teen so getting to ee them every night is gona be awesome.

MO: Has there been talk of any sideshows or support slots for While She Sleeps during the Soundwave festival next year?

AM: There has but I don’t no if I can say anything so I’m not going to! ha

MO: Is there anything you’re looking forward about coming back to Australia?

AM: Beer, Bitches and Beaches.hmmm..ermmm.. thats about it!

MO: Are you familiar with the Australian metal/core scene. Do you have any favorites?

AM: Northlane and House vs Hurricaine are amazing! Definitely check them out if you haven’t already done so.

MO: What new releases are you currently listening at the moment?

AM: Architects – Daybreaker

MO: Any famous last words?

AM: Go buy our new record, ‘This Is The Six’! Now! quick! GOOOOO!

You can catch While She Sleeps next year on the Soundwave Festival. Tickets go on sale Thursday, 23rd August (with a presale commencing seven days prior) at 9am from respected ticketing outlets.

Soundwave 2013 dates:

Brisbane: Saturday, February 23

Sydney: Sunday, February 24

Melbourne: Friday, March 1

Adelaide: Saturday, March 2

Perth: Monday, March 4

For more info head to:


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