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Album Reviews : Adrift For Days – Come Midnight…

By on July 11, 2012

By the end of the fifteen minute opener, it’s already quite apparent how Sydney’s Adrift For Days have progressed since their shockingly epic debut back in 2010; they have pushed every aspect of their sound further towards its absolute extreme. The riffs are even more crushing, the atmosphere denser, the quieter moments more minimalist, and the noise noisier.

Everything that made The Lunar Maria so good is still present on Come Midnight. “i. A Premonition ii. Void iii. The Aftermath” has some seriously groovy riffs in there, “Gravity Well” has a climax rich with psychedelics and boosted even higher by those perfectly suited clean vocals, and the album finishes with a nineteen minute track that fans of feedback and noise with salivate over. But it all seems to be done with a touch more care. In fact, overall it’s not actually as heavy as its predecessor. There’s a much higher blues influence throughout, and bands like Earth and Rosetta are right in there. But what this means is, when the album does get heavy, it’s monstrous.

Come Midnight is undoubtedly more of a voyage than anything else. The band have taken their time here; letting the music wander along without ever rushing to a climax. It all sounds natural, and even more so with a much more emotional performance from vocalist Mick Kaslick. It was hard to fault him on their debut, but this one just feels a bit more heartfelt, which is something probably reflected in the lyrics as well.

So far, the internet seems to be filling up with overwhelmingly positive reviews for Come Midnight, and this one isn’t breaking that trend. If drone, doom, and anything noisy takes your fancy, then this is what you have been waiting for. 9.8/10


Band: Adrift For Days
Album: Come Midnight…
Year: 2012
Genre: Doom/Drone
Origin: Sydney, Australia

Track list:
1. i. A Premonition ii. Void iii. The Aftermath
2. Gravity Well
3. House of Cards
4. The Stonebreaker
5. Back of the Beyond
6. Eyes Look Down From Above


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