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Live Reviews : Amon Amarth live in Melbourne

By on April 23, 2012

Amon Amarth @ Billboard, Melbourne
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Amon Amarth have almost become a mainstay of the Australian touring circuit as far as heavy metal goes, with 2012 marking their third appearance on our shores. This time round, the Norsemen are here to showcase tracks from their eigth studio album, Surtur Rising.

Opening with “War of the Gods”, the sell out crowd of near 1000 was already in a rapture, with a frenzied mosh pit cramming the centre of the barrier to the chugging riffs that were coursing through the amps. Through both sheer physical presence and his booming deep voice, front man Johan Hegg coaxed and dominated the microphone while his band mates further encouraged both headbanging and screams.

The 5-piece continued with a balanced mix of new, recent and older tracks, with “Thousand Years of Oppression”, “Pursuit Of Vikings” and their classic live 1-2 of “Death in Fire”/”Victorious March” lending a nod towards older fans hours, whilst opening new eyes to how great this band can be. With a back catalogue as extensive as AA’s now is, it was unfortunate that the band was seemingly forced to drop “Bleed For Ancient Goods” from their recent setlists due to time constraints, but given they still pumped out an impressive 18 our so tracks, I guess one shouldn’t complain too much!

The night also happened to coincide with the birthday of bassist Ted Lündstrom, whom the band suitably acknowledged with the presentation on stage of one of Ted’s favourite tour things, a kids meal from a certain fast food chain complete with plastic toy – something that was dutifully dispatched directly and immediately into the crowd.

It was with a series of thunderous lightening claps and lighting effects that the bearded men returned to the stage to finish their show strongly with the fast paced “Twilight of the Thunder God” and the chant along stylings of “Guardians of Asgard” providing great choices for the encore. From there it was goodnight, see you next time, and “oh here, fight over this drumstick for a bit” until the crowd dispersed into the night.


1. War of the Gods
2. Runes to My Memory
3. Destroyer of the Universe
4. Live Without Regrets
5. Thousand Years of Oppression
6. The Pursuit of Vikings
7. For Victory or Death
8. The Hero
9. Valhall Awaits Me
10. Slaves of Fear
11. The Fate of Norns
12. Under the Northern Star
13. Free Will Sacrifice
14. Cry of the Black Birds
15. Death in Fire
16. Victorious March

17. Twilight of the Thunder God
18. Guardians of Asgaard