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Album Reviews : Aversions Crown – Servitude

By on March 13, 2012

Aversions Crown are going to be big; partly because they fall into a currently-popular category as far as heavy music goes, and partly because they just do it so damn well. Their latest release Servitude is an onslaught of brutal, technical-yet-groovy death metal. It has its few breakdowns and some of the tracks do follow a somewhat standard song structure, but what surrounds those facts is largely positive (that’s not to say breakdowns are always a bad thing, just that there is often a bit of a negative vibe around the word).

While the opening few tracks are certainly impressive, and make the talents of each musician instantly apparent, it’s the latter half of the album where things really get exciting. Between the heavy down-tuned chugs that make “Repurposed – Reprogrammed” so groovy are the type of darker, melodic guitar lines that made the latest Cattle Decapitation album so eerie, before the clean interlude that is “Solace” builds up to one of the album highlights: the ridiculously slammy “Partisan Deconstruction”. “We’re Not Safe” has a breakdown that’s going to make the title quite apt for those on the edges of the pit, and the pace drops perfectly for closer “Advocator of Mans Genocide” which truly sounds monstrous.

But ignoring specific moments, where the album really succeeds is in its balance. It is constantly flowing from techy widdles to slightly-djent-tinged slams with some cleaner bits, and keys in the case of “Hive Mind”, breaking up the brutality a tad. Everything on Servitude, down to the order of the tracks, seems well thought out and meticulously organised, but without losing that energetic edge. And at just under forty minutes, it doesn’t outstay its welcome.

These Queenslanders have kicked things off on a high note, and one that truly sounds explosive thanks to the superb production. The album does have a few less-than-inspired moments, nor are they pushing any boundaries, but Servitude is a debut full-length they should be proud of. 8/10

Band: Aversions Crown
Album: Servitude
Year: 2012
Genre: Technical death metal/deathcore
Origin: Brisbane, Australia
Label: Summerland Records

Track listing:
1. No Salvation
2. Excoriate
3. Imperfect Design
4. Hive Mind
5. Repurposed – Reprogrammed
6. Solace
7. Partisan Deconstruction
8. We’re Not Safe
9. Defiler
10. Praetorian
11. Advocator of Mans Genocide


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