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Album Reviews : The Mung – Showering in Shit

By on February 7, 2012

When I reviewed The Mung‘s debut release The Splatter Sessions I commented on what torture the sub-fifteen minute length was. Well they have just dropped their second release, the arousingly titled Showering in Shit, which clocks it at an improved seventeen minutes. Although, there actually seems to be less music here…

Ignoring that minor detail, Showering in Shit sees these Melbourne “southern gore slammers” improve in every area. It still has that undeniably filthy Mung sound, but where their debut was blatantly half groove and half grind, this one sees the band push their sound past simply those two extremes. The infectious melodies are still there of course, but are surrounded by much more complex, frantic riffs that take a few listens to really digest. It’s heavier, more interesting and better balanced. The final thirty seconds of “Crappy Nappies Make Me Happy” is by far the most addictive piece of music The Mung have spewed forth to date.

As expected, these short bursts of brutality are started and ended by all manner of samples that are dirtier than ever, covering everyday topics including urinating amputees and ye olde bestiality. If you can’t see the humor in titles like “Giving My Sisters The Love Blisters” and “Packfucked By Ponies”, then avoid this album like whatever is worse than the plague (Trivium, perhaps?).

Showering in Shit, despite it’s name, sees The Mung mature (musically, at least) into something that’s interesting as well as entertaining. It’s still dumb, and an ideal gift for anybody without a sense of humor (we recommend it as a valentines or mothers day purchase, to be specific), but it just has that something extra that pushes it past being a giant weed-fueled joke. Keep in mind however that this is the final release with their old vocalist, so expect something slightly different in that area on their next recording. 8.5/10

Band: The Mung
Album: Showering in Shit
Year: 2012
Genre: slam/grind
Origin: Melbourne, Australia
Label: Rotten Roll Rex

Track listing:
1. I Sprogged In My Dog And Pulled Out A Chocolate Log
2. Herpes And Hepatitis Handover
3. Post-Op Cock Slop
4. Pee One Me, Amputee
5. Beating Up Babies In Bondage
6. Giving My Sisters The Love Blisters
7. Crappy Nappies Make Me Happy
8. Pack-Fucked By Ponies


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