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Album Reviews : Randomorder – The Forbidden Knowledge

By on January 4, 2012

Tasmania’s Randomorder have hit the mark nice and early. Produced by Psycroptic’s Joe Hayley, their debut release The Forbidden Knowledge is ten tracks of dirty thrash that (unlike everybody claiming to be part of the “thrash revival”) sounds naturally aggressive.

There’s no fucking around here either. Randomorder straddle the line between classic thrash and the more blackened variety, and that’s exactly what you get from every track. Things kick straight into gear with opener “Desecration Is Your Name” and it doesn’t really stop, with the exception of a brief part in “Exiled” featuring clean guitars and spoken vocals.

While there isn’t exactly an abundance of variety, each track is solid in its own right, with no real low points. “Forgive Me For My Hatred” stands out with a really cool underlying groove that makes you want to move, and the demonic chorus of “The Dark Science”. There are blistering solos spread all throughout, destroying any possible doubts about Sean and Gabe’s guitar skills, and despite clear influences from Slayer and the other greats, everything is well-executed enough for it to never sound like blatant worship.

If you’re looking for anything other than well-written, well-played thrash then you’ll be disappointed. But if you want something to grab a beer and mosh to, then The Forbidden Knowledge is worth a listen.

Band: Randomorder
Album: The Forbidden Knowledge
Year: 2011
Genre: Thrash
Origin: Tasmania, Australia
Label: Independent

Track listing:
1. Desecration Is Your Name
2. Bloodlust
3. Forbidden Knowledge
4. Caught in the Crossfire
5. Salvation
6. Exiled
7. The Dark Science
8. Bleeding Misery
9. Forgive Me For my Hatred
10. Ghost Demons


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