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Album Reviews : Hammerfall – Infected

By on November 14, 2011

Hammerfall really put the “pow!” in Power Metal. For eighteen years these mighty Swedes have been making some seriously fun and catchy 80’s style metal with a modern touch, sitting comfortably high in the ranks of the genres finest.

Infected marks the bands eighth studio album and it’s exciting to hear that they have not lost their touch. This time around the concept is zombies, hard to imagine I know, but it actually works quite well. It is something a bit different for the band, which is refreshing in that it doesn’t sound identical to previous releases whilst still maintaining the trademark Hammerfall sound.

There are fast tracks as well as a few big power ballads, as has come to be expected from these guys. The style of songs continues along the lines of the last few releases, still with heavier guitars and a darker sounding feel than in their earlier work. Occasionally there are moments that are beyond corny, even for Hammerfall standards, but that is easily solved by the skip button. Ultimately it is a nice mix of tracks, and the production is superb.

The vocals of Joacim Cans are once again the highlight, really bringing out the energy of each song. You know these new tracks are going to slot nicely into the live show. Listen out to the killer singalong bits, most notably BYH’s “Bang your head, stand united!”. I should also mention the exceptional guitar solos spread throughout the album, possibly the best to date from Hammerfall.

I hope this album sits well with the Hammerfall fans, it’s certainly not up there with Legacy Of Kings, Crimson Thunder or even Chapter V, but I feel it’s a solid release from a very consistent band. If you’re into power metal at all then check it out, let your hair down, squeeze your balls and sccrreeeeaaaammmmmmm!! 7/10

Band: Hammerfall
Title: Infected
Year: 2011
Genre: Power Metal
Origin: Sweden
Label: Nuclear Blast

Track listing:
1. Patient Zero
2. B.Y.H
3. One More Time
4. The Outlaw
5. Send Me A Sign
6. Dia de los muertos
7. I Refuse
8. 666 – The Enemy Within
9. Immortalized
10. Let’s Get It On
11. Redemption