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Album Reviews : pointbreakdown – Utah

By on October 31, 2011

Oozin’ with surfer tood and ridin’ to glory with 100% adrenaline, pointbreakdown is back with the second slab of basic dog psychology – Utah. What is a pointbreakdown? Well, it’s lots of breakdowns mixed together with… you guessed it.. an unhealthy love affair with the 1991 Keanu Reeves classic flick ‘Point Break’.

January’s Live To Get Rad EP showed that not only was this one hilarious concept, but also an impressive outlet for some killer metal riffage, and only ten months later we now have Utah to rock along to. pointbreakdown is a one-man project from the coast of WA, and goddamn this man is one radical son of a bitch.

Imagine the groove of Bloodduster sharing surfboard wax with AC/DC. The highlight of their sound comes with the meaty guitars and the surprisingly excellent production from a one man budget recording. Utah may not have as many memorable riffs as Live To Get Rad, but the overall feel and songwriting has improved, it’s actually quite a bit heavier too. There are plenty of rippin’ solos and some killer drumming.

Keep it up pointbreakdown, I definitely got a feeling on this, let’s hope there’s still enough movie samples left to fill out a full length next time around.

Little hand says it’s time to rock and roll.

Note: The best thing about this great EP, is that you can download it directly from the band for FREE, click here for it.

Band: Point Break Down
Title: Utah
Year: 2011
Genre: Grind/Rock/Hang Ten
Origin: Bremer Bay, WA
Label: Independent
Facebook page

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