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Album Reviews : When Day Descends – When Day Descends

By on October 1, 2011

The self titled EP by unsigned, Tasmanian Prog Rockers When Day Descends, is the latest offering by the band in 2011. This follows previous releases by the band which included the albums Ascension and Transcend. Although this is an EP, You’re still going to get 50+ minutes of music on this release (which is about double that of what is on most pop albums these days…).

Whilst listening, you will most likely pick out musical influences such as Opeth, Dream Theater, Pain of Salvation and hints of Porcupine Tree. However, When Day Descends certainly have crafted a unique sound of their own. A sound featuring luscious cleans, clear, heavy guitar tones, complex arrangements, tasteful guitar playing and pleasant vocals.

When Day Descends is one of the most musically dynamic releases I have heard this year. Each song is a wonderful listening experience; each track unique in its own right. Although every song on the EP is over ten minutes, I found that I was never bored because the arrangements were so well done. There was always something new and interesting to grab my attention.

‘New Bell’ is the first track on When Day Descends. ‘New Bell’ has quite an ambient feel to it, whilst also maintaining an in your face metal sound as well as presenting moments of beautiful clean sections with amazing guitar solos. ‘A Fragile Disguise’ is the next track. This song gives off a bit of a folk feel but then slaps you in the face with some epicness. ‘A Fragile Disguise’ is a track with excellent drumming and acoustic guitars; definitely a favorite moment on the EP.

Thirdly we have the instrumental track ‘Where Tree’s Die Alone’. Once again, pure class when it comes to the arrangements and musicianship. It feels as though the entire song is one giant build up to the last 3 minutes of the song, which are pure bliss. ‘White Feathers’ is the next track. This track gives off a more darker feel than the rest of the songs on the EP. ‘White Feathers’ is a track that evolves very nicely, moving from haunting moments to melancholic passages to moments of beauty and grace. However if I could have one gripe about this song, it would be that occasionally the vocals tend to drone. Finishing off When Day Descends is a track entitled, ‘Comrade’. Again, a good mixture of clean passages, heavy passages and epic moments. Overall, probably one of the more mild tracks on the EP compared to others, however still a great listen.

When Day Descends is fantastic and definitely worth a listen to by any fan of progressive music. The words that come to mind when I think about this album are ‘genius’ and ‘tasteful’. Every song on this EP feels as though it has been worked on and refined until it has become the best that it can be. How or why this band is unsigned, I do not know. Brilliant music like this doesn’t come by very often.

Band: When Day Descends
Album: When Day Descends
Year: 2011
Genre: Progressive rock
Origin: Tasmania, Australia
Label: Independent

Track listing:
1.  New Bell
2. A Fragile Disguise
3. Where Trees Die Alone
4. White Feathers
5. Comrade