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Album Reviews : Electrik Dynamite – Hair.Denim.Sex.Metal

By on September 13, 2011

Let’s take a flashback to the 1980’s. Anyone who lived around that era would know what it’s like, but for the people that didn’t (including myself and most of you that are reading this), let me fill you in on it. Most rock bands either had long thick hair and dirty beards to thrash out with, or long hair that used a tonne of hairspray to stick out in the air. Bands like Motley Crue and Poison became mainstream success, and songs like Whitesnake’s “Here I Go Again” and Europe’s “The Final Countdown” were the hits that everyone knew and loved.

Coming from Melbourne, Electrik Dynamite wants only one thing, which is to bring back the spirit and tunes of the 80’s and make everyone join the party. With their debut album HAIR.DENIM.SEX.METAL produced by Lord Tim at SLS Studios, I believe they’re gunna do a great job at it.

I’m giving this album my fourth listen since I got it a night ago, and I’m still amazed. It reminds me of so many different bands from the 80’s era, which is my favourite era of metal. If anyone has heard their 2008 EP Electrify the Night, you’ll listen to this album and hear a different sound to that, with no odd screams every now and then, or even breakdowns, just a pure throwback to the best generation of metal.

The intro of the album is a mellow acoustic that guitarist Circus and keytarist Cougar do, but it gave me chills as soon as it broke into the second song with “Baby, you make me feel so alive!”

I’m still having trouble choosing my favourite song off the album and why I like it the best. The first single of the album “Midnight Rider” is probably the song with the catchiest chorus of the whole album. I’ve found myself randomly belting out “Take a ride in my backseat!” quite a lot ever since the single’s release at the start of August.

“After Dark” has a vampire influenced theme to it, which opens up slow and evil, then breaks into a fairly fast song with thunderous drums and powerful vocals. Not to mention the incredible licks they opened the fast bit with, that literally sent shivers down my spine. And you can’t have an 80’s throwback album without a slow-shaker or a power ballad, right? Track 11 “Ik Hou Van Jou” (meaning “I Love You” in Dutch) is an 8 minute epic written by singer Maverick. There’s a lot of passion in the song, and it reminded me of the ballads from bands like Cinderella, Whitesnake and Skid Row.

Of course, the anthem/title track of the album needs a mention too. “H.D.S.M” is the heaviest song on the album, with some thrash-metal influenced chorus riffs, and 4 words you will never forget. It will have you shouting “HAIR! DENIM! SEX! METAL!”

In conclusion, this album is an easy ten. The dudes and dudette from Melbourne have done brilliantly; I haven’t heard better dual solos since Judas Priest. The gang vocals throughout the whole album have been mixed well, and give it that extra touch of radness. I highly suggest anyone who is reading this to order this album into your local JB Hi-Fi, listen to it and let it blow your mind. Guaranteed! If you’re not from Australia, then search that album up on iTunes and download it there. 10/10

Band: Electrik Dynamite
Album: Hair.Denim.Sex.Metal
Year: 2011
Genre: heavy metal/glam
Label: New Justice Records
Origin: Melbourne, Australia

Track listing:
1.  Eternal Serenade
2. So Alive
3. Love Tonight
4. Midnight Rider
5. After Dark
6. Hotter Than Hell
7. Night Lights
8. Madsnakes
9. Built To Rock
10. Love is Fire
11. Ik Hou Van Jou
12. H.D.S.M.


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