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Album Reviews : Ouroboros – Glorification of a Myth

By on September 1, 2011

I was destined to like Glorification of a Myth. In fact, the only other available option was to be extremely disappointed. Dred made a huge impression on me with their debut e.p A Path To Extinction; so much so that it remains a regular listen to this day and I’ve told anyone who will listen to my ravings just how great it is. Well, here we are five years, and one name change to Ouroboros, later and I am equally enamoured with their first full length.

That’s not really surprising considering that, whilst the name has changed little else has. All four songs from A Path To Extinction are present, including “Animal, Man…Machine” a death metal anthem if ever there was one each of which meld seamlessly with the six new songs that have been added. So it’s safe to say that if you were impressed with Dred then just go and buy this without hesitation.

One of the major strengths of Ouroboros that continues to impress is the fluidity of the guitar work that morphs from rapidly flowing lines to more direct riffing and the dexterity of the musicianship all round. The balance between these facets seems effortless and then they go and incorporate something like the classical guitar interlude in “Lashing Of The Flames” to leave little doubt of their capabilities.

Sure, a lot of attention can be given to their technical side, and rightfully so, but let’s not lose sight of the fact that Ouroboros are still a death metal band at heart. Glorification Of A Myth is not so over the top or indulgent that it will lack appeal to those who have a penchant for brutality. Ouroboros are damned heavy, it’s just that they exude a confidence in their music that allows them to identify when to let rip and when to show restraint.

On a more superficial level, even though Ouroboros have released Glorification Of A Myth themselves you wouldn’t know it from the way it sounds or looks for that matter. The production is spot on and the artwork courtesy of Colin Marks (who has also done work for Xerath, Lazarus A.D, Nevermore and Scar Symmetry to name but a few) looks magnificent while complimenting the music perfectly.

Maybe I am just getting carried away here, it’s been known to happen from time to time, but I am willing to proffer that Ouroboros are one of the finest death metal bands in this country at the present time. Everything here is first class so make a visit their website without delay and reward their diligence by purchasing a copy of Glorification Of A Myth9/10

Band: Ouroboros
Album: Glorification Of A Myth
Year: 2011
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Independent
Origin: Sydney, Australia

Track Listing:

1. Black Hole Generator
2. Lashing Of The Flames
3. Animal, Man…Machine
4. Sanctuary
5. Sea To Summit
6. Disembodied Mind
7. Dissolve
8. Panacea
9. Edifice Of Tyranny
10. Absent From Entity