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News : Divine Ascension to release debut album

By on August 30, 2011

Melbourne prog power band Divine Ascension have announced the release of their debut album As The Truth Appears for October 11th, through Nightmare Records.

“Divine Ascension are sure to delight legions of symphonic, progressive metal and female fronted fans alike, with their debut ‘As The Truth Appears’. Both lyrically and musically their primordial good and evil theme works extremely well with Jennifer’s powerful, resplendent and virtuous tone.

One of Australia’s finest female fronted metal acts, Divine Ascension have proven to be an awe-inspiring live act. Lead by the powerful, emotive performance  of Jennifer Borg; a name to be etched alongside the likes of Annette Olzon (Nightwish), Sharon den Adel (Within Temptation) and Floor Jansen (After Forever).

Backing the theatrical and cabaret trained Borg are five men full of drive and spirit. The sheer energy that is produced during a Divine Ascension set has caught many and left them stunned.

Four years on from the demo recording and a ‘baptism of fire’ touring the local Australian metal scene, Divine Ascension have now recorded and mixed their full length debut album ‘As The Truth Appears’, due to be released October 11, 2011 on Nightmare Records. Ermin Hamidovic of Systematic Productions was at the helm throughout the recording and mixing of the album, and Sweden’s own Plec of Panic-Room Mastering (Scar Symmetry) was commissioned and has put the finishing masterful touches on this long  awaited release.

Ten tracks totaling 50 minutes of music, this debut is bound to receive global attention and obtain a place for Divine Ascension as one of the world’s best female fronted acts and cast the global metal spotlight on the shores of Australia yet again.”

1. Answers (Feat. Silvio Massaro of *Vanishing Point*)
2. Visionay
3. In My Mind
4. Vision Divine
5. Guided By Osiris
6. One Last Caress
7. Garden Of Evil
8. Another Battlefield
9. Civilisation
10. Unscathed

Jennifer Borg – Vocal
Karl Szulik – Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Robb Inglis – Rhythm & Lead Guitars
David Van Pelt – Keyboards
Simon Mahoney – Bass
Luke Wenczel – Drums