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News : Empires of Eden sign with Rock N Growl

By on August 11, 2011

Sydney melodic metallers Empires of Eden have announced a management deal with Rock N Growl for the USA and European territories.

Stu Marshall: “It’s a great pleasure to be associated with Rock N Growl Management. I have been looking for the right partnership and Axel is proven in the industry. There is alot of exciting developments ahead and look forward to great things.”

Axel/Rock N Growl: “I’m proud and happy to have Empires Of Eden in my roster. Stu Marhsall is one of the best guys in the biz with unique guitar work and it’s a pleasure to work with him.”

This comes as the band work on their third undoubtedly guest-riddled third album, which is currently “shrouded in contractual secrecy”. The only name to have been revealed so far is Metal Church‘s Ronny Munroe, who’s upcoming album Stu Marshall will also be working on in both the writing and producing departments. Considering the lineups on the first two albums, expect a few more big names to be on their way.

“With lush, picturesque orchestral arrangements, bone-crushing riffs, kaleidoscopic soloing and spectacular vocal performances, Empires of Eden has developed a trademark sound that redefines the concept of epic.”


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