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Album Reviews : Orpheus – Bleed The Way

By on March 28, 2011

Having been labelled as Australia’s answer to CHILDREN OF BODOM and IN FLAMES on their official press release. Melbourne’s ORPHEUS have set a new paradigm within Australia’s heavy metal scene with the release of their debut album, Bleed The Way. We rarely see the likes of an album of this calibre in Australia where it can stand along side so many big names in metal and make such an impact.

The album’s structure and production is on par with some of the true heavyweights of melodic death metal. The album encompasses a hefty and somewhat meaty wall of sound, boasting solid riffs and devastating bass lines, hinting elements to the likes of ARCH ENEMY, DARK TRANQUILLITY and the before mentioned bands. Unlike so many melodic death metal bands who tend to drown an album in keyboards and symphonic overtures. Bleed The Way is complimented with a discreet and compelling keyboard score and hinting pop elements which don’t enslave the listeners ears. Production wise, its fantastic. It’s some of the best production I’ve heard for a local release. It doesn’t dominate the album to a point where you’d think the album was raped by pro-tools, inevitably losing its last shred of dignity.

Some may say that this album would probably have been more relevant back in the late 90’s when melodic death metal was taking off with the likes of  Dark Tranquillity. It’s obvious that Orpheus weren’t trying to reinvent the wheel when creating the album. Of course there is a strong resemblance to so many Euro melodic death metal bands when listening to Bleed The Way. Keep in mind your not going to just hear the same recycled crap that you’ve heard so many times before. This is pure, uncut melodic death metal at its finest which has resurrected my passion for the genre.

The most shocking aspect of the album is not only how well its put together, but how young each of the members are. For a first time listener you’d think that for such a well established sound it would come from a somewhat “mature” person. Many of the members are still in their teens, yet have such passion and finesse when they play that it comes off so maturely. Especially when seeing the band perform live. I can only predict great things for this band after being blessed with the listening pleasures of their debut album.

With just over 50 minutes of great music, this album is a contender for best Aussie release of 2011. The album has indeed rocked my hairy anus and I’m sure it will be rocked many more times to come. 8/10

Band: Orpheus
Album: Bleed The Way
Year: 2011
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Origin: Australia
Label: Rock Star (Formally Just Say Rock Records – Local)


1. Neath (The Shadow Of The Monolith)
2. Winds Of Change
3. Unscathed <- Reviewer’s choice
4. Common Enemy <- Reviewer’s choice
5. Face Of Vengeance
6. Societies Of Steel <- Reviewer’s choice
7. Sealed In Fate
8. For All It’s Worth <- Reviewer’s choice
9. A Thousand Times
10. Grin Of Madness

Bleed The Way is now available to purchase via Metal Massacre , JB Hifi, iTunes and all leading music outlets.


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