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Album Reviews : Adrift For Days – The Lunar Maria

By on November 4, 2010

As days goes on, my musical tastes expand, and the number of records to grace my ears multiplies time and time again, it becomes rarer and rarer to come across an album that completely consumes me; the type of record where it’s not until the full hour-ish has passed that I realise I’ve done nothing but sit here nodding the entire time. However, a dozen listens later, that is still the case with The Lunar Maria.

Coming seemingly out of nowhere, Sydney’s classily named Adrift For Days have jumped straight into the deep end with their debut being a 71 minute journey through everything deep, dark and doomy. Built upon monstrous, fuzzy riffs and a knack for creating truly engrossing atmospheres, The Lunar Maria is a meticulously orchestrated release designed to be listened to from it’s subtle Earth-esque opening until the closing seconds of the eleven minute feedback-oriented closer.

While it’s not uncommon for releases of such length to drag on just that little bit, The Lunar Maria throws in just enough variety to keep the record flowing. “Messages Through Sleep” takes the sound in an especially dark direction with tremendously deep, aptly dream-like vocals and a hauntingly relaxed feel, climaxing in an explosion of infectious grooves and distressed screams. The comparatively short “The Leech” brings the stoner influences to the forefront, and the epic 18 minute “Along the Moon River” shows off the band’s talent for drenching even the simplest moments in that something special. Touches of drone and psychedelia spread throughout top things off, making certain that the tracks never really feel like they’re following a pre-determined structure, instead developing naturally at their own pace.

It’s hard to fault the musicianship and writing here, with each instrument doing its part in creating a ‘whole’ sound. Vocalist Mick Kaslik really brings it all to life with both deep, groove-soaked southern cleans and the ability to throw in some growls with ease, while occasional whispers and unrestrained yells are used to complement his surroundings.

All of this is brought together with a very dynamic mix, giving the quieter parts ample breathing room and the crushing riffs and climaxes the several tonnes of power they need. Put simply, The Lunar Maria is a must have release for fans of Ufomammut, ISIS, Electric Wizard and Om, and will see Adrift For Days become a recognised highlight in the Australian doom scene.  9.5/10

At the time of publishing the review, this release is available for free download (or to purchase) through the band’s Myspace, which is listed below.

Band: Adrift For Days
Album: The Lunar Maria
Year: 2010
Genre: Stoner/Doom
Origin: Sydney, Australia
Label: Independent

Track listing:
1. Bury All That’s Chosen
2. Waxing/Waning
3. Messages Through Sleep
4. The Leech
5. Within These Walls
6. Along The Moon River


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