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Album Reviews : Elysian – Self-Titled EP

By on September 27, 2010

With one of those opening chords and tempo build-up that makes you sit down and take notice, what you will probably take from the opening moments of the debut ep from Melbourne’s Elysian is a feeling of a quality, yet already well tried, tested and trademarked Melodic Death Metal sound. However a mere minute or two later in opening track ‘Conquest‘, it is apparent with the introduction of a more progressive rock feel in segments, that this five-piece have something more to offer the listener.

The guitar harmonies throughout the three tracks on the EP and an interesting reserved vocal mix in parts (think like Insomnium, how the vocals are great but they allow the melodious guitars to be greater) will clearly appeal to those in tune with the Gothenburg scene. Meanwhile, closet ‘core fans will take pleasure from areas such as the drumming in ‘The Machine’, which along with certain thrash elements further showcases the bands open mind and variety of influences. Closer track ‘The Climb from Fear’ slows the tempo down a little, yet is probably the highlight of the cd, with powerful semi-demonic vocals and high-quality soaring guitar leads and a great solo on offer. The production of the album is also worthy of a mention, with power and clarity used where they needed to be.

Although only running for 15 minutes, thus the relative shortness of this review, Elysian manage to offer up ample variation on top of a solid foundation for an excellent first offering, and with a full length no doubt in the works, this is a space you’d best keep an eye on.

Band: Elysian
Album: Self-Titled
Year: 2010
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Label: Self Released
Origin: Melbourne, Australia

Track listing:
1. Conquest
2. The Machine
3. The Climb From Fear


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