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Album Reviews : BerserkerfoX – History.Altar.Ashes

By on September 12, 2010

Having already released two EPs, BerserkerfoX know a little of what it takes to make a good sounding release. Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, this five piece melodic death metal outfit have recently recorded and released their debut album, History. Altar. Ashes (H.A.A.), a nine song, catchy as fuck, melodic riffing, head banging debut.

First of all, these guys are tight, and I don’t mean fiscally challenged either. The twin guitar work throughout H.A.A is fantastic, incorporating all the essential guitar elements associated with melodic death metal. The movement the guitars create in this album is un-real, while the solos are performed with precision and timing. Drum work is often an under rated art, but like with most good releases, pivotal in the successfulness of the album. The drum work in H.A.A. is great, creating a spine for this melodic monster to cling to.

The vocals are delivered and performed quite well, ranging from death metal growls to higher pitched screams without any issues, and without picking a fight, remind this listener a lot of Arch Enemy. My only gripe would be a better mix on the vocals, as they get lost a few times under the constant barrage of the twin melodics.

Song structure has been kept to a minimal with this release, and in some cases bordering on the, well, boring. Having said that, a minimalistic approach does not necessarily mean a bad thing, and in this case quite the opposite. The songs have consciously been kept constricted, thus allowing an enjoyable listening experience without being bombarded with complex timing changes, or eight minute guitar wankery that is so often prevalent in progressive melodic releases.

This is a very good release, and a worthy edition to any metal fans collection. These blokes have worked hard both on this release and their touring schedule, and it shows with the quality of work on offer here. This is not just nine songs for the sake of filling up a CD.

There is nothing new, or even original about this release, but it has a credibility of its own. There is a work ethic underlying H.A.A that typifies BererkerfoX, and will only make them stronger and louder. Bring on the next one.

Band: BerserkerfoX
Album: History.Altar.Ashes
Year: 2010
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Origin: Melbourne, Australia
Label: Independent

Track listing
1. Self Professed Kings
2. Ashes of Solace
3. Flag of Blood
4. Acromony
5. Veritas
6. Coloured By Blood
7. Within The I’s Mind
8. Before The Door Of Irresolution
9. No Prodigy


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