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Album Reviews : Wardom – When Darkness Reigns

By on August 16, 2010

Combining Motorhead with a touch of old-school slightly-blackened thrash, the debut EP from Adelaide’s Wardom might not be a real standout amongst the Australian thrash scene but is a sign of good things to come.

Despite only clocking it a tad under 20 minutes, the five track release covers quite a few bases; quite blatantly showcasing their various influences. Opener “I Am The Wolf” is, as the title suggests, Motorhead all over with a classic galloping riff and simple yet surprisingly catchy chorus. Vocalist Joel Green even has that touch of breathlessness that has made Lemmy’s voice so undeniably legendary, but to a lesser extent. The speedy “Crucifier” harks back to early Slayer and Megadeth, while “(Ride The) Demon Whores Of Sodom” with a main riff that sounds clumsily like Hammerfall with slightly larger balls.  Closer “United Thy Horde” really slows things down with a more dramatic, epic overall style that contrasts well with the rest of the release.

Now, like I said, When Darkness Reigns probably won’t knock you off your feat, but it does show promise in that Wardom have a real knack for utilising the type of simple melodies that make this style of music so much fun. The problems that arise throughout the release, such as issues with fluidity and obvious filler sections, aren’t exactly rare in bands this young and will hopefully fade as the band mature.

Despite the issues this is a release that’s worth having a listen to, if you’re a thrash fan. And for those that have the opportunity to catch them live, my guess is these songs would seriously rock after a few bevies. 6.5/10

Band: Wardom
Album: When Darkness Reigns
Year: 2009
Genre: Thrash
Label: Metal Supremacy
Origin: South Australia

1. I Am The Wolf
2. (Ride The) Demon Whores of Sodom
3. Pharisee
4. Crucifier
5. United Thy Horde <- Reviewers choice


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