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Album Reviews : Nyvosus – The Rebirth EP

By on July 12, 2010

Hailing from the northern suburbs of Brisbane, Nyvosus deliver their self funded, debut EP “The Rebirth”, produced by Dan Field (Thy Art Is Murder, Amity Affliction) at Skull and Bones records, Studio 454.

What is instantly apparent as opening track “To The World” crashes through the speakers, is that there is multiple elements that separate Nyvosus apart from most of the new breed of metal bands in the local and national (and even international) scene. Rather relying on the super brutality and technical coldness from the Deathcore genre or the overtly poppy choruses and clichéd breakdown worship of Metalcore scene, the band take the best of both worlds and leave the fat on the rehearsal room floor.

The songs feature plenty of complex riffs and hectic drum beats – there’s no doubting that – but Nyvosus’ ability to douse the guitar passages with subtle hooks and melodies is a talent far beyond their years. There is no point on this six-track EP were the songs feel overloaded with exaggerated complexities or dumb downed with pointless breakdowns or fast breaks.

While at the time the band was a full five piece, “The Rebirth” was recorded as a basic three piece, with guitar wizard Christian Hemingway handling all the guitar and bass tracks. Lyrically the songs are far from the most original, with themes of the downfall of man prevalent on many tracks, but do the job regardless. Frontman Bradley Hemingway’s vocal attack varies multiple times across the tracks, with low growls to high screams helping stop things becoming stale – his ‘hardcore’ yells, however, don’t really add anything to the songs or the band’s sound.

The almost-instrumental “Enigma” is Christian Hemingway’s shining moment with his hugely impressive licks encompassing swept guitar runs to tight, melodic harmonies and a delicate acoustic intro.

With the right break and some good luck, Nyvosus have the potential to make a serious dent in the Australian metal scene – and if this debut EP is any sign of things to come, one should definitely keep an eye firmly fixed upon this young band.

Band: Nyvosus
Album: The Rebirth
Year: 2010
Genre: Death Metal/Deathcore
Origin: Brisbane, Australia
Label: Self released

Track listing:

1. To The World <- reviewers choice
2. The Ode
3. Enigma <- reviewers choice
4. Execration
5. Wayward
6. The Rebirth <- reviewers choice


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