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Album Reviews : Spire – Spire EP

By on June 6, 2010

cover small wbWhen it comes to finding information about Spire there isn’t too much available to be found. They hail from Queensland, that much I know, but even a visit to the obligatory Myspace page doesn’t exactly resolve this dearth of information, though the recent update here at Metal Obsession thankfully serves to rectify this to some degree.

It should therefore come as little surprise that, much like the illusive creators behind the music, the seven songs on this recording remain nameless and are identified only by a number. Thankfully, what these songs lack in verbosity or blatant aggression they certainly make up for in the presence of a dark aura in which all good black metal should be steeped.

Whilst Spire are certainly not the most brutal or intricate of black metal their music ultimately finds its strength in the menacing atmosphere that is a stark contrast to their place of origin. This is not the corpse painted, axe wielding maniac threatening you directly, rather Spire are the sinister figure just out of sight that you can feel looking over your shoulder but can’t quite locate.

The discordant guitars, that ebb and flow between rapid riffing and droning rhythm, are the focal point around which all other elements reside and exist. At times it appears if the other instruments are subservient in function yet the way in which everything has been layered, such as the subtle yet very effective use of choral vocals and haunting orchestrations, creates an overwhelming wall of sound.

Each of the individual elements at work here are clearly nothing new, indeed they form the basis of all black metal, yet it is the palpable sense of menace that comes through via the intelligent use of perverse melody, daunting atmosphere and effective composition gives the music depth and provides Spire with their own take on the style.

It is readily apparent that the minds behind Spire, whoever they may be, have instilled a sinister vision of their own into a black metal that successfully treads the fine line between tradition and individualism. As you can see in the news section this release is destined to be available in a variety of formats but, regardless of which format you happen to choose, this E.P is certainly worthy of your immediate attention. 7/10

Band: Spire
Album: Spire E.P
Year: 2010
Genre: Black Metal
Label: Art Of Propaganda / Obscure Abhorrence
Origin: Australia

Track Listing:

  1. I
  2. II
  3. III
  4. IV
  5. V
  6. VI
  7. VII


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