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Album Reviews : Sobrusion – Maieutics

By on May 24, 2010

sobIt’s hard enough for Australian bands to get the recognition that their talents deserve, let alone Australian bands that come from small barely heard of country towns. But these are the bands that build strong cult fanbases, and you know the band has put in the hard yards if they have managed to stick around long enough to write two well received albums like Wagga Wagga based Sobrusion. Not only do they have the talent to back up their cult status, but much of their appeal is in their unique style of music. Sobrusion sound a lot like a cross between Melbourne progressive metallers The Eternal and Epica, and whilst they aren’t exactly pioneering a completely new sound, they have found a rather unfilled niche in the Australian metal scene.

‘Maieutics’ is the band’s second full length album, the first being ‘The First Embrace’, which was released at the end of 2006. In the time between albums Sobrusion have been busy touring with some big acts including The Berzerker, The Thirsty Merc and Mammal, which is surprising given that the band’s melodic nature contrasts heavily with some of the heavier acts that they have shared the stage with.

‘Maieutics’ opens with one of the band’s more focused and hook laden songs ‘Safety of Fear’. The rhythm is catchy and the riffs are thrashy yet melodic, provided by guitarist Brodie Simons who prefers to be armed with seven strings rather than the usual six. Vocalist Shanul Sharma, formely of Jennifer Will Drown, has a clean, rock style of singing that rarely ventures into the operatic territories that comparative vocalists do. ‘Echo of Ants’ is an attempt at a more forceful song with harsher vocals and the inclusion of male vocal shouts, but the melodic side still overwhelms.

‘Borders’ is the highlight of the new album, with it’s catchy rhythm, enchanting melodies, flowing progression and the vocals are really put to the test as the band reach their epic climax in the latter half of the song.

The final track ‘Intuitive Cognition: Part 2’ is a suitable closer as it clocks in at almost twelve minutes, making it the longest track on the album, despite a couple of other well timed songs. It takes the progressive nature to the next level by including a jazzy spazz-core interlude in the middle of the track, almost alienating it from the rest of the album.

Sobrusion have the potential that should see them leading a charge into higher elements of Australia’s metal scene. A band like this would have trouble getting the recognition they deserve in places like Europe, where the market is flooded with this style of metal, but here in Australia they should flourish given that they continue on the right path. 7.5/10

Band: Sobrusion
Album: Maieutics
Year: 2009
Genre: Progressive metal
Origin: Wagga Wagga, Australia
Label: Independent

Track listing:
1. Safety of Fear
2. Echo of the Ants
3. A Million As One
4. The Dawning
5. Borders <- Reviewers choice
6. Nota D’Amore
7. Illusions of a Fragile Mind
8. Intuitive Cognition: Part 1
9. Intuitive Cognition: Part 2

Reviewed by Steven Inglis


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