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Album Reviews : Demonhead – Demonology 101

By on May 19, 2010

l_ccb16bafc3c4484e96154bc14bf610abDemonology 101 is like a time machine set for 1986. I thought I was about to listen to some evil Australian Black Metal but within 90 seconds of “Bring on the Doom” I was teleported through a stonewash wormhole back in time to my old bedroom headbanging the mullet to Krokus and Scorpions records on 11.

“Rooey Dog Dogskin” – face melters and back up vocals, “Squid” – guitar and vocals, “Jonnymonster” – drums and “Mav” – bass & dumbcunt remarks (lifted directly from their myspace – not sure if Mav is a dumb cunt) deliver a collection of six 3 – 4 minute no frills, no trends ‘back in black British steel balls to the wall party metal’ anthems full of classic metal riffs and sing-along chorus’ ideal for shouting at the devil.

They’re not breaking any new ground with their debut EP and they wear their influences proudly on their sleeve. They don’t sound like any one band in particular but a blend of metal, thrash and hard rock from the early/mid eighties. Going back through their blogs it looks like this EP has been two years in the making and the result is 23 minutes of fist pumping fun! From the 1970’s Sandman Panel Van inspired art work to the Live Wire inspired riff and the awesome lyric ‘Let the evil flow’ of “Pentamuff High”, these guys left me with a grin on my face and searching through old vinyl.

The cornerstone of the band is obviously the guitarists with their catchy riffs and lead breaks scattered throughout the album. I really like the vocals which have a bit of a rough edge and along with the slightly unbalanced production give the album a live feel. I wouldn’t mind hearing the drummer thrash out a bit though. The end of the track ‘Leprechauns’ is screaming out for a double kick onslaught (when they go into that ‘riverdance’ melody) but it just doesn’t happen.

All these songs will get your feet tapping and head moving, but the standout is Pentamuff High with its supercool lyrics about a school of freaks and ghouls. The sludgy mid-tempo Dopetown is also very cool. 7/10

Band: Demonhead
Album: Demonology 101
Year: 2010
Genre: Heavy metal/rock
Origin: Melbourne, Australia
Label: Independent

Track List:
1. Bring on the Doom
2. Dopetown
3. Hellbent on Disaster
4. Pentamuff High <- Reviewers choice
5. Every Good Boy
6. Leprechauns

Reviewed by Pete Williams


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