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Album Reviews : Terra Australis – Anthem for a Dying Angel

By on April 23, 2010

terraaustralia_angelOver the last couple of years Black Metal has really become my choice genre. Maybe because it is still so underground and raw, or maybe because it’s just so aggressive. If any of you have read my earlier reviews, you would know that I am always on the lookout for Australian bands along this vein.

Victorian band Terra Australis is by no means new to m. In fact I’ve reviewed two previous releases by this one man outfit – both of which I was more than impressed with, especially last years Premonition of Life Defiled. Compared to the slightly more down tempo feel of Premonition of Life Defiled, the bands new release Anthem for a Dying Angel see’s Invisus take his project back to a more traditional Black Metal sound.

Drawing influence from Marduk, Burzum type material, and with his progressive and creative songwriting style, Invisus has produced a very atmospheric yet brutal offering. Recruiting the aid of two local vocalists – Thorgrim Hammerheart (tracks Hope Sub-dued and Deathworship) and Stillborn (Anthem for a Dying Angel) takes the bands music and injects a different dimension to the band.

For me though the main attractions on the album are Ode to Thy Infernal and A Flawed Belief in Nothing. The driving Black Metal riffs, bludgeoning blast beats, and ominous angst filled lyrical concepts in these tracks sum up the Black Metal genre and can convincingly draws you into it. Invisus has proven himself yet again, with even more aggression and hostility, and has created yet another high quality underground Black Metal EP.

Band: Terra Australis
Anthem for a Dying Angel
Black Metal
Sekf Released
Melbourne, Australia

Track Listing:
1. God at Last Days
2. Ominus Annihilation
3. Hope Sub-dued
4. Ode to Thy Infernal
5. Anthem for a Dying Angel
6. A Flawed Belief in Nothing
7. Deathworship


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