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Album Reviews : Scar the Surface – Take Your Fight To The Sun

By on March 31, 2010

sts_tyftts240Another quality Melbourne Metal band destined for bigger things, Scar The Surface recently released their debut EP Take the Fight to the Sun. Consisting of Daniel White on vocals, Elliot Williams on bass, Shane Grant and Daryl Smeele on guitar and Glenn Allen on drums. The Melbourne based quintet are no slouches in the gig department, featuring on many local cards promoting the release of this stellar debut, and also heading shows around Australia.

Opening with the appropriately named Intro, the disc really kicks off when the real Heavy Metal starts. Victory When Misery Fails and Your Delusion My Hatred are firm favorites on a cd that is full of surprises. Vicious riff attacks which evolve with violent energy before hitting the melodic chorus making both songs instant hits for fans of the modern melodic metal styles. Bleed for Me, slows things down somewhat with its acoustic intro, the song goes to and fro between the acoustic verses and one hell of a driving chorus. Some of the best riffs however have been left to last. Art of Defeat showcases some very inspired musicianship, with its killer guitar work and Dan’s great vocal range.

Scar the Surface’s songs are full of diversity, there is depth and emotion, without sacrificing any of their raw aggression. Brutality and intensity combined with great melodic passages make this a very innovative release that holds its own against the stronghold of releases we have seen come out of Australia in recent times. I urge all Australian Metal fans to get out and support our local bands because the talent out there at the minute is as good as any in the world, and Scar The Surface are no exception.

Band: Scar the Surface
Take Your Fight to the Sun
Modern Metal/Melodic Metal
Ovis Records
Melbourne, Australia

Track listing:
1. Intro
2. Victory When Misery Fails
3. The Snatch Effect
4. Your Delusion, My Hatred
5. Bleed For Me
6. Pound Of Flesh
7. Art Of Defeat


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