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Album Reviews : Carnifex – Hell Chose Me

By on March 21, 2010

COVERThe Deathcore trend has been an interesting journey for multiple bands, while arguably the originators of the genre, Job for a Cowboy and The Red Chord, have frantically tried to distance themselves from the sub-genre, more and more mediocre bands have jumped upon the band-wagon. California’s Carnifex are unfortunately not going against the trend, with Hell Chose Me, their third full-length album.

The songs are, to be blunt, dull and un-inspiring, with what sounds like the same riffs being repeated constantly through-out the album. Only the odd breakdown keeps things vaguely fresh, but even they become repetitive not far into the record. Frontman Scott Lewis’ ‘low growl then high scream’ vocals are essentially a carbon-copy of fellow Californian’s Suicide Silence, with the band clearly bringing nothing new or fresh to the table.

Hell Chose Me’s first four tracks fly by without a single hook or memorable riff, and it’s not until the fifth track, “Heartless”, that the pace somewhat changes. Opening with an impressive classically inspired acoustic intro, followed into a great heavy, yet melodic, section “Battery” style guitar-harmony section, things seem to be going in the right direction… only for all the progress to be ruined by returning to the same format as the first four songs.

Carnifex have clearly decided to stick to their guns on Hell Chose Me, and despite a lot of their peers jumping off the sinking ship that is Deathcore, their fans will surely lap this album up – however if you’re fan of more old-school or progressive death metal, expect to be disappointed. 4/10

Band: Carnifex
Album: Hell Chose Me
Year: 2010
Genre: Deathcore
Origin: California, USA
Label: Victory Records/Riot! Entertainment

Track Listing

1. Hell Chose Me
2. Dead Archetype
3. Entombed Monarch
4. Names Mean Nothing
5. Heartless
6. Sorrowspell
7. The Scope Of Obsession
8. By Darkness Enslaved
9. The Liar’s Funeral
10. Genocide Initiative


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