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Album Reviews : The Genitorturers – Blackheart Revolution

By on March 16, 2010

Genitorturers cover240The Genitorturers toured Australia in 2006 and are preparing to head back to our shores again this year, but you would be forgiven for not knowing who they are. The band has never been as big as their personality and their music, and their last release was the Flesh is the Law EP in 2002. For those who are thus far unacquainted, The Genitorturers began as The Festering Genitorturers in the late 80s, playing in the Florida hardcore scene with such as yet unknown bands as Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids. But their live performance was unique and outspoken, quickly building them a cult fan-base, leading to four full length releases, including the new album ‘Blackheart Revolution’, which long-time fans have been eagerly drooling about. After such a long wait between releases, the big question is whether or not the time away has paid off.

Blackheart Revolution opens with the song Revolution, which is a great introduction to the bands unique sound, which sounds something like a combination of Rob Zombie, Dope and Courtney Love’s Hole (hahaha get the joke???). The basis behind the band’s music is the unique fusion of electronic elements, melodic female fronted rock and porno-goth lyrical content that touches on anything from sex, vampires and personal issues. Kabangin All Night sounds a lot like Marilyn Manson’s The Beautiful People, whilst Devil in a Bottle sounds like a hard driven Rob Zombie track.

Whilst it is true that The Genitorturers do wear their influences on their sleeves, it should also be remembered that the band have been making this brand of music since the late 80s, and they were a key part in pioneering the sound that is so often replicated by bands today. All of the songs on the album are varied and brilliant, and there are no filler tracks to ruin the experience. Falling Stars takes a step away from the hard rock side of the band to display their melodic side, Confessions of a Blackheart has a sinister edge that could accompany a horror-gore film and ‘Cum Junkie’ is a melodic track with a dirtier lyrical side.

Blackheart Revolution is the most refined and accessible release from The Genitorturers to date. The time away from recording has visibly evolved the band from their underground roots, without sacrificing the elements that made them a cult band in the first place. Australians, old fans and new, should be excited to be graced with The Genitorturers’ presence later this year, as the music industry owes more to them than is often recognized.


Band: The Genitorturers
Album: Blackheart Revolution
Year: 2009
Genre: Industrial
Label: Retribution Music/Riot! Entertainment
Origin: Florida, United States

Track Listing:
1. Revolution
2. Kabangin’ All Night
3. Devil In A Bottle
4. Louder
5. Falling Stars
6. Take It
7. Confessions Of A Blackheart
8. Cum Junkie (Reviewers Choice)
9. Vampire Lover
10. Tell Me


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