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Album Reviews : Aeternitas – Holocaust of Reason

By on February 27, 2010

aerternitas_hor240With a sorrowful keyboard introduction, Brisbane band Aeternitas immediately come across as a professional outfit from the beginning with a deep, powerful sound steeped in symphonic and death metal influences. Holocaust of Reason is the bands debut EP, and it is here that the five-piece deliver six tracks of power, beauty and brutality.

With any new band, the bonding of band members is the keystone to future success. Since forming in early 2008, this is clearly been a focus with a cohesion within the band being formed in the live arena, supporting many notable Australian acts in Brisbane and its surrounds. So now, onto the actual music…

The Melodic Death styled riffing from the guitars shows influences from bands such as Dark Tranquillity and Mors Principium Est. In this the band showcases the simplicity and effectiveness of this ilk of music. Supporting this notion, when the keyboards stray away from their generic and suitably gothic interludes, they not only complement the guitars but create an atmosphere that in comparable with many in the symphonic black metal genre. Deep death/black metal vocals work in unison with the powerful lower end provided by bass and drums, adding a definite depth to the music.

The inclusion of varied sounds in Aeternitas’ musical landscape – such as the Latin influenced acoustic guitars as heard on A Ravens Flight over a Burning Eden, whereas in Infusco Aeternitas, proceedings are taken towards a different direction with an almost folky, sped up rhythm being introduced to the bands core footing in dark symphonic music. These added influences hint towards a diverse future that should gather a good many followers.

While the EP might not be an obvious standout in my collection of the genre’s music, Holocaust of Reason does deliver a competent and worthwhile 30 minutes of music. Certain aspects will make some people cringe at the occasional imitative ideas; however equally, a good number of people will take the bands music in a completely positive fashion. With the future seemingly bright given the potential to develop certain influences in their music, things are looking good for their next release!


Band: Aeternitas
Album: Holocaust of Reason
Year: 2009
Genre: Black Metal
Label: Self Released
Origin: Brisbane, Australia

Track listing:
1. Breathing Life
2. Elegy
3. The Ancients
4. A Ravens Flight over a Burning Eden (Reviewers Choice)
5. Infusco Aeternitas
6. Truth Untold


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