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Album Reviews : Devils Whorehouse – Blood and Ashes

By on February 15, 2010

Devils Whorehouse - Blood and AshesDevils Whorehouse began in 2000 when Marduk guitarist Morgan Håkansson formed the band, originally as a Samhain/Misfits cover band. Devils Whorehouse quickly evolved into what it has become today when after only two rehearsals, the band members started writing original material in the same vein as the bands that inspired them.

Devils Whorehouse’s third full-length album, “Blood & Ashes” has all the elements of Samhain (and the ancient Celtic festival after which Samhain are named), early Danzig and to a lesser extent, Danzig-era Misfits, transmuted into a modern horror-punk sound with strong metal and blues-rock undertones. Tracks like ‘Speak The Name of the Dead’, ‘Smell of the Ancient Ones’ and’ Shadows Never Change’ are more blues-influenced akin to early Danzig, whereas ‘Werewolf’ and ‘Face the Master’ venture into old school punk territory, making the listener feel as though they’re being battered around in the middle of the moshpit at a Misfits concert. The most obvious Glenn Danzig influence can be heard in the track ‘Werewolf Nation’.

The cover artwork and layout keeps with the horror theme, one photo in particular looking as though it could have come from the same photo shoot that produced the cover photograph for Marduk’s Obedience EP. Morgan probably looks more black metal in the band photo than any for Marduk, although the man himself might disagree.

For a band that began its existence as a Samhain/Misfits cover band, it would be improper for them NOT to include a Samhain/Misfits cover on this album. The final track, ‘Let The Day Begin’, is a cover track originally by Samhain, from their album November-Coming-Fire. The Devils Whorehouse cover delivers a stronger aural assault than the original, no doubt will make Glenn Danzig himself feel proud (or indignant!).

Band: Devils Whorehouse
Album: Blood & Ashes
Year: 2009
Label: Regain Records/Blooddawn Productions/Riot Entertainment Australia
Origin: Sweden

For fans of: Danzig, Samhain, The Misfits

Track Listing:
1.Oceans Turn to Blood
2. Wicked One
3. Speak the Name of the Dead
4. The Cult of Death
5. Werewolf
6. Demons of the Flesh/Tight White Ropes
7. Shadows Never Change
8. Smell of the Ancient Ones
9. Face the Master
10. Werewolf Nation
11. Snakes Out the Mouth of Hell <—-Reviewer’s Choice
12. Let the Day Begin