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Interviews : Helloween (Dani Löble) – 07/02/2010

By on February 8, 2010

Helloween -

Helloween – Dani Löble

Helloween has survived the music industry for well over two and a half decades through various incarnations and resurrections. The band’s fundamental sound started a chain reaction which saw the birth of the power metal movement in the early 80’s. Now, in 2010 we see the release of “Unarmed” which celebrates the band’s 25th anniversary. The album takes on a completely new approach in terms of a “best of” album. It offers a more lounge rock and orchestral approach compared to the band’s traditional sound.

Metal Obsession recently had the pleasure to speak with Dani Löble about Helloween’s latest album and some of the band’s upcoming projects.


Click play on either the Quicktime or Window Media Player application below to listen to the interview.


Metal Obsession Review: Helloween – Unarmed (25th Anniversary Best of)


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