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Album Reviews : Lost Soul – Immerse In Infinity

By on January 21, 2010

lostsoul_immerse240Lost Soul are a death metal band from Poland, which in itself is nothing unusual considering the country’s propensity for the style, and they have long been a personal favourite despite not being as well knows as some of their countrymen. When I read that there was a new album out there it therefore became a mandatory purchase.

This is album number four and, yet again, it has been released on a different label. Their debut ‘Scream Of The Mourning Star’ was released on Relapse in 2000, the follow up ‘Ubermensch (Death Of God) on Osmose in 2003 and ‘Chaostream’ on Wicked World in 2005. Now they find themselves signed to Polish label Witching Hour for their new album ‘Immerse In Infinity’.

Regardless of the relative size of the label the first thing that you notice is the packaging which is a magnificent looking digipack, which seems to be a mainstay of Witching Hour based upon their other releases, ensconced in a dark celestial theme. Once the actual music begins what strikes, or bludgeons, you from the opening track ‘Revival‘ is the sheer power and ferocity of the music and the overwhelming production in which it is delivered.

As has always been the case Lost Souls death metal is predicated on speed, particularly the drumming which pretty much adheres to the blast beat and frenzied double bass throughout, though there are exceptions such as ‘…If The Dead Can Speak’ or ‘Breath Of Nibiru‘ which forego rapidity for a mid-paced groove which is every bit as punishing.

There is certainly a lot to take in here as each of the songs are lengthy, none under five minutes, but once you make it past the initial onslaught it is possible to appreciate the intricacies and intelligence behind the music. Lost Soul have perfected the balance between the primal nature of death metal and measured complexity which results in outstanding results and it is all tied together with well placed samples that add another dimension to the album.

Unfortunately, being signed to a smaller label such as Witching Hour is likely to have an impact on the exposure that ‘Immerse In Infinity’ receives, which would be a travesty as this is indeed a fantastic death metal album, but there is no denying the potency of Lost Soul. One of the best things about metal is taking the time to find quality albums like this so I highly recommend a visit to Witching Hours website to obtain what is clearly, for me, one of the best death metal albums of 2009.


Band: Lost Soul
: Immerse In Infinity
: 2009
: Death Metal
: Witching Hour
: Poland

Track Listing:
1. Revival
2. Personal Universe
3. …If The Dead Can Speak
4. 216
5. One Step Too Far
6. Breath Of Nibiru
7. Divine Project
8. Simulation


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