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Album Reviews : Terra Australis – Premonition of Life Defiled

By on January 10, 2010

terraaustralia_demo2009_240Terra Australia multi-instrumentalist Invisus is a Black Metal visionary, just when you thought his music couldn’t get any blacker, Premonition of Life Defiled is born and is grimmer, colder, darker and downright scarier than all his previous offerings. Obviously feeling the weight of expectation after In the Lost Corners of Carpathians, this one man outfit has done what I guess he had hoped and taken it to a new level.

Opening off with some industrial horror movie inspired screams that lead into his trade mark Black Metal riffs the opening track Satanas Divinity takes a somewhat Doom direction with its down tempo interludes. Procreation takes off where the first track finished continuing on a spiraling journey of Black Metal. The guitar riffs are chunky and the vocals are hauntingly menacing.

The twist for this disc is At One with Eternal Night, a melancholy keyboard based instrumental that really sets up a different atmosphere before another trade mark Terra Australis track in Extinguishment of the Light focusses on layers of dense guitars rather than speed riffing. Finishing the cd off is another ambient instrumental, title track Premonition of Life Defiled, which combines haunting acoustic guitars with eerie keyboards

The big improvements since Terra Australis last offering are the song structures and the inclusion of the two ambient instrumentals, which give the ep a whole new dimension. The production is raw and unpolished, but that is the true underground Black Metal sound. Stylistically Invisus has taken more of a Doom route on this disc and I think it works quite well. Another solid offering by one of Australia’s best up and coming Black Metal artists.

Band: Terra Australis
: Premonition of Life Defiled (Demo)
: 2009
: Black Metal
: Self Released
: Victoria, Australia

Track Listing
1. Satanas Divinity
2. Procreation
3. At One with Eternal Night
4. Extinguishment of the Light
5. Premonition of Life Defiled


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