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Album Reviews : Cuntscrape – Papsmear Campaign

By on December 7, 2009

cuntscrape_papsmearcampaign240In their own tradition of being entirely consumed (read: massively obsessed) with viciously obscure pornography, and subsequently being termed by many sane minded people as chronically fucked up, The Mighty Scrape are back and offering up an almighty number of porn grind tracks for this, their Papsmear Campaign circa 2009.

This time with artwork that is “more readily explainable to your mother”; Papsmear Campaign was supported with a semi-national tour, spreading their recently contracted sexual disease around parts of Australia. And without having the pleasure, I’d suspect the result is like witnessing Machine Gun Fellatio with a box of Viagra slowly digesting in its alcohol laden stomach.

The humorous song titles once again are my highlight from this album, with ‘Beauty and the Yeast’, ‘So You Think You Can Fuck?’ and all but a cover in both name and song of my favourite band, with the track ‘Twilight of the Chunder God’. Classic.

Aside from a scat breakdown surprisingly not involving a scent of faeces, rather Jazz, the identical quintet hasn’t changed too much from a stylistic point of view. We have groovy riffs, ample use of the snare drum and amusing parodies of various genres such as folk, death metal and trance. And plenty of vaginal gore.

In the fashion of the band, I’ll leave you with a festering quote from the album…

You know how you guys told me that God is in everything? Well God is in every drop of cum that landed on your face, you better eat it

… I don’t know why either.


Band: Cuntscrape
Album: Papsmear Campaign
Year: 2009
Genre: Porn Grind
Label: Prime Cuts Music
Origin: Perth, Australia

Track listing:
1. Hellatio
2. Great Gran Slam
3. Analrexic
4. Beauty And The Yeast
5. Grind Leading The Blind
6. The Great Unwashed
7. Cum Fart Tart
8. Wam Bam Didn’t Know You Were A Man
9. My Dick Just Died, Can I Bury It In Your Arse?
10. Meddy Kreuger
11.Nutritional Paste
12. Pooch Gooch
13. Uncle Nasty Fingers Reoffends
14. Dirty Beatie
15. I Wanna Do It With A Midget
16. The Bi Curious Case Of…
17. Urgh!
18. Fisterectomy
19. Fleshlight
20. Humpty Plumpty
21. Cuntest
22. So You Think You Can Fuck?
23. Twilight Of The Chunder God


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