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Album Reviews : To-Mera – Earthbound

By on November 29, 2009

Tomera_eartbound240Among the myriad of female fronted bands that have sprung forth in recent years, I can honestly say that To-Mera have been one of my personal favourites after I bought their self-titled demo in 2005. In no small part this was due to their progressive outlook and challenging music which gave the band a different edge to the gothic metal crowd in which they were often unjustly placed.

After building on their initial promise via two fine albums on Candlelight Records, ‘Transcendental’ in 2006 and ‘Delusions’ last year, To-Mera and the label have mutually agreed to go their separate ways. As a result this new four song release ‘Earthbound’ is their first offering as a free agent and it also incorporates two new members into the fold.

To-Mera’s music has always been complex with vocal melodies that can be quite atypical and the resulting songs are not structured in a fashion that will give instant gratification. Instead, a few listens will enable the music to truly reveal itself so persistence truly pays off and you can’t help being impressed with the actual musicianship on display though it never quite descends into overly progressive territory.

Opening track ‘Mesmerised‘ opens proceedings on an up tempo note and is surprisingly catchy whilst the subsequent title track is almost schizophrenic in delivery as it alternates between heavy rhythms and a laid back, almost jazzy, feel particularly in the soloing mid way through. ‘Arcane Solace‘, which I would nominate as my favourite song overall, is based around great heavy guitar work and sections that really demonstrate the collaborative talents of all involved while closer “Another World” gradually builds itself up to finish the CD off in a strong fashion.

The interesting thing about To-Mera is their ability to blend a myriad of different styles into a coherent whole and it is safe to say that if you enjoyed the aforementioned releases then there is really nothing to fear from ‘Earthbound’. It represents a continuation of all of the elements that made them stand out in the past whilst demonstrating to all and sundry that To-Mera are far from done. On the other hand, if you are not familiar with To-Mera and like your metal on the more challenging side then ‘Earthbound’ is as good a place as any to initiate yourself to this excellent band.


Band: To-Mera
Progressive Metal
Great Britain

Track Listing:
1. Mesmerised
2. Earthbound
3. Arcane Solace (Reviewers Choice)
4. Another World


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