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Album Reviews : Various Artists – The Euphony Fusion III

By on November 23, 2009

‘The Euphony Fusion III‘ – a free double CD Australian Metal Compilation created by Welkin Entertainment. A limited number of copies were available for free outside the venue at the conclusion of all ARCH ENEMY/SUFFOCATION AUSTRALIAN TOUR dates in November 2009.



Empyrean (QLD) – From Whence The Mourning
With sheer power and darkness, Empyrean fuses symphonic elements into a bombastic and commanding black metal sound. Combined scream and clean vocals work well and introduce a new aspect to their music.

Aeon of Horus (ACT) – Arrogantly Opposing
Infusing progressive elements into a death metal core, Aeon of Horus are an impressive outfit. Here the band switch regularly between highly technical segments and groove styled riffs.

Universum (SA) – Day of
Chunky yet melodic riffs dominant this track from the Adelaide band. Focussed production gives the drums some added oomph, while retaining a roughish screaming death vocal. The underlying keyboard throughout the track also adds to the sense of atmosphere.

Claim the Throne (WA) – Set Sail on
Short fast and loud, Claim the Throne provides a classic folk metal tune here. Approaching ‘grind paced’, the song is a step away from the prolonged melodies on their debut, yet still hosts the bands character within. A model drinking song, Set Sail on Ale is perfect for your mead induced, campfire located drunken times… or preferably after a few at your local venue!

Defamer (QLD) – Endless Hordes
With its ominous introduction, Defamer punches you in the face with some ultra heavy and destructive death metal. The old school thrashing drumming fuse with a newer death metal approach, leaving your ears thoroughly destroyed. The short and sharp guitar solo mixes things up, denying the brutal riff fest that looked likely.

Fearscape (NSW) – Nightmare
A brand new song by black metallers Fearscape, and with it comes a turn towards an even more ghostly and atmospheric sound. The progressive element found in their previous album isn’t so apparent here, but they still offer solid material and much promise for the upcoming release.

Ebolie (NSW) – 1800 Fashioncore Kids Helpline –
With adequate groove, grind and humour, Ebolie provide quite a long song given their genre of death/grind. Not my favourite style, but they are quite enjoyable, and fans of the style should be down with it.

Darker Half (NSW) –
Bring out the leather pants, cheesy solos and casual posing – Darker Half turn the cd up with a solo frenzy ala all your favourite classic metal bands. Scoring a great 9/10 on the MO album review, this album surely is one to check out asap!

Nexus (WA) – The War Of
This band brings an eclectic mix of technical death metal, math rock, progressive music and jazz fusion. This track in particular from their debut album The Nexus Cycle leans more towards the jazz fusion aspect, but will appealing to any metal head with an open mind on variety.

Severed (VIC) – War Under A Luminous
Not an overly remarkable nor original track, but still quite enjoyable from the Melbourne 5 piece. Gives an impression of ‘New Wave American Death Metal’, with the occasional hardcore influence offering something fresh on the compilation.

Octanic (SA) – The Calling/
A delightfully confused blend of prog power, folk medley and gothic aura from Octanic. Duel vocals are interesting, and sometimes verge towards whiny as some notes struggle to be hit. Music is solid if not spectacular.

Echo’s Witness (VIC) – Death
Melodic metal with darker vocals here, Echo’s Witness give you a pretty broad offering that doesn’t waste much time in telling you what it wants to. Nice melodies are beefed up by mid tempo riffing and some huge bass bombs in well used positions.

Saeturnum (SA) – Garden Of
Another band with quite eclectic influences, Saeturnum combine a doomy death basis with elements of Jazz, Folk and Classical music. The slowed down interlude about 5 minutes in it fantastic and showcases diverse musicianship within the band.


Be’lakor (VIC) –
Epic and melodic, this 5 piece from Melbourne purvey a sense of grandeur in their melodic death metal. From their second full length, Aspect showcases ‘stick in your head’ melodies, deep growling vocals and tempo changes that keep you interested throughout.

Black Orchid (SA) –
A typically ‘Finnish’ sounding effort from Adelaide’s Black Orchid here. Born from the ashes of Chalice, the gothic influences have been carried over somewhat, and with the stunning additions of Abby Skye on vocals, the band offer something to fans of Nightwish and the like.

Orpheus (VIC) – Common
Once again the influences in the band are quite obvious, with highly melodic keyboards ala Children of Bodom coming into play early, and heavier death metal riffs and vocals ala Dark Tranquillity taking over soon after. Very solid material, but lacking a little in originality.

Death Audio (VIC) – Place the
Varying levels of aggression are interspersed throughout this track by Death Audio. Finding their way into some groovy patterns, the duel clean/death vocals work well together and break up the song nicely. For fans of the ‘Modern’ sound.

Frankenbok (VIC) –
Taken from the bands concept album The Last Ditch Redemption, Dig personifies the classic Frankenbok sound created over the past decade. Groove riffs, solo licks and the aggressive thrashy vocals from current front man Dan McDougall cover everything you’d want from this genre of metal.

Sentience  (VIC) – Silent Knight –
While clearly displaying a rough production job, this track from Melbourne’s Sentience was not what I was expecting from the doom/gothic sounding name. Offering up some nice progressive death metal, there are as expected a few moments of Opeth’s material, but the well constructed song defines the band nicely to themselves.

Automata (NSW) – Praise to the
With their debut EP set to be released early 2010, Automata’s eclectic mix of grind, industrial death and avant-garde noise combine to make a somewhat chaotic soundscape. Piercing and deathly vocals are very much suited, and doomy keyboard gets dished up nicely as an interlude mid song.

Synthesist (VIC) – The Sunday
Melodic Death metal form start to finish, Synthesist won’t claim to be the most innovative band on the circuit; however they do what they do well and this track displays as such. Quality production and clarity of sound will keep your mind away from the song titles meaning….whatever it is.

Internal Nightmare (VIC) – The Term is Frustration?
No cover versions here from the Victorians, with the 4 piece thrashing the life out of this kicking death metal track. Demonic vocals at times, the band utilises a ‘true’ heavy metal breakdown

Arcadia (SA) –
Playing in the genre which is almost defining the Adelaide metal scene, Arcadia offers a ‘thrashingly’ melodic death metal track. In their variation from others in the city, the introduction of clean vocals is done competently; however will no doubt have its haters.

Human Forgery (NSW) – Misanthropic
Finally some more full on brutality making an appearance on the compilation, this time courtesy of Sydney band Human Forgery. Only fresh on the scene, this band shows damaging potential, however would benefit greatly from a re-record and a larger, destructive mix

Kaamora (VIC) – The Birth of the Digital
Patiently waiting at the back of the cue, Kaamora’s slightly off time signatures mark them unique on this half of the compilation, and with their groove laden riffs and soaring solos, the song is a bit of alright.

: Australian Metal Compilation
: The Euphony Fusion III
: November 2009
: Compilation
: Welkin Entertainment
Origin: Australia


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