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Album Reviews : Evile – Infected Nations

By on October 27, 2009

Evile LargeIt’s quite a rare occurrence when a thrash metal band comes out of the UK. Especially one who can stand up against many of the thrash metal juggernauts in America and Europe.

Thanks to a slight resurgence in the British thrash metal scene, Evile have once again come out of the woodwork with their latest offering ‘Infected Nations’.

Lately, the market has been somewhat dry from the over saturated influx of American branded and prepackaged thrash metal, which only seems to satisfy minor indulgences. Many of these bands seem to continue worshiping the 1980’s thrash metal movement without logically creating their own unique sound and inevitably turn into a cover band.

Evile haven’t necessarily reinvented thrash metal either, but have made one very listenable album with the bands influence of British, American and European metal elements which have elevated ‘Infected Nations’ to higher listening experience then most generic thrash metal outfits today.

In turn, Evile revitalize the genre with their unique twist of multi-layered variations, hard hitting riffs and political satire. Making it one of the more unique and better sounding thrash metal albums of 2009.

Everything about this album is just perfect. Production, musicianship and even the artwork which seems somewhat reminiscent of Sepultura‘s classic ‘Arise’ is spot on.

Musically, its one of the best sounding thrash metal albums I’ve heard this year with the minor exception of that annoying beep on my promotional copy (what is that point of that beep anyway, seriously?),  which quite honestly didn’t ruin my listening experience as I came back for me.

Producer Russ Russell has combined both the hallmarks of the 1980’s thrash metal moment along with a much needed revitalized characteristic to the all round delivery of the album . It’s both raw and gritty with a touch of class.

Right from the word go you’ll be in thrash metal heaven. The opening track “Infected Nation” lays the foundation with a full assault of riffs,  solos, and relentless drumming which are accompanied with an anthem like scream. “Infected Nation” is both melodic and dark, which seems to be a reoccurring element on the album.

“Now Demolition” pulls back alittle of the assault and goes for a more contemporary thrash metal number. The haunting introduction of “Genocide” lends a hint of atmosphere as the track explodes with barrage of headbanging riffs. It seems each song on the album carries the distinct characteristic of good ol’ thrash metal music with hints of modern technicality.

There are some faint contrasts of new and old in the vocal department as well. Matt Drake’s vocals seem to harmonise between the lightness of Trivium‘s Matt Heafy and heaviness of now deceased Paul Baloff of Exodus fame. This contrast fits seamlessly as it adds character to the vocals without necessarily creating yet another cliche Metallica or ‘Big Four’ vocal sound.

Drummer Ben Carter offers some powerful drumming as he belts away on his kit in a rhythmic and tribal tradition. Bassist, Mike Alexander adds atmosphere, while Ol Drake lays down some memorable riffage as he combines both European and American thrash metal riffs. Creating a mish-mash of sounds from Metallica, Destruction, Kreator and Overkill. His riffs are both techincal and abundant over the 9 tracks on the album.

In early October of this year Evile‘s long time bassist passed away while on tour in Europe. Many were shocked with the news of Mike Alexander’s passing as he was only 32 years old.

The entire metal community should be proud of the work Mike has achieved with Evile in recent years and I urge all metal fans to check out Evile‘s latest offering so Mike’s legacy may not go in vain. I’m speaking more on a fundamental level, rather than just telling you to listen to an album because some guy died.

“Infected Nations” is certainly one of the more interesting and better sounding thrash metal releases I’ve heard this year. If your looking for an old school thrash sound with minor hints of technicality and brutality, with a breath of fresh air in the production department, than “Infected Nations” is definitely for you. 8/10

Band: Evile
: Infected Nations
: 2009
Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Earache
Origin: United Kingdom

1. Infected Nation
2. Now Demolition
3. Nosophoros
4. Genocide <- Reviewer’s choice
5. Plague to End All Plagues
6. Devoid of Thought
7. Time No More
8. Metamorphosis
9. Hundred Wrathful Deities (Instrumental)


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