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Live Reviews : Slayer and Megadeth (Perth) – 13/10/2009

By on October 20, 2009

Slayer and Megadeth

w/Double Dragon

Challenge Stadium, Perth – 13th October 2009

A sea of black shirts ripped jeans and tattooed bodies congregated inside Challenge Stadium in order to witness one of the biggest metal events to ever grace our fine shores, thrash founders Megadeth and Slayer sharing the same stage! Australian veterans Double Dragon opened proceedings to a warm reception even in the wake of a horrid yet typical Challenge Stadium mix in which the vocals were almost completely indistinguishable. During Double Dragon’s set many took the opportunity to stock up on their poison of choice to see them through the epic force that was about to hit the stage.

From opener Set the World Afire it was obvious that Mustaine and co are a band in form not seen since the days of Rust In Peace. Tearing into classics such as Wake Up Dead, Hangar 18 and Peace Sells the legion of fans present got exactly what they wanted from the masters of technical thrash. Mustaine’s signature snarl was as angry as it’s ever been, whilst still maintaining sincerity in thanking the fanatical crowd that had come to see him lay waste to Challenge Stadium. Material from their latest effort Endgame fitted in perfectly with of the rest of their back catalogue, the debut of 1320 for the first time live with vocals proved to be an absolute highlight of the night with Mustaine and extremely talented new co-axe man Chris Brokerick trading off guitar solo after solo without missing a note. Closing with thrash anthem Holy Wars it is clear that Dave Mustaine whilst now in his mid-40’s has still got the motivation, musicianship and material to keep shredding in front of sold out arena’s for years to come.

After a short intermission, the giant white curtain dropped and Slayer unleashed themselves upon the stage. The difference in sound between the two headliners could not have been more abundant, Megadeth technical and clear opposed to Slayer’s at times sloppy but nonstop muddy onslaught. Whilst the mix for Slayer was far less than perfect, (Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman’s guitar tones were so fuzzy it was at times difficult to tell who was playing what) the sound almost seemed to favor Slayer’s anarchic performance. Surprisingly Tom Araya who was forced to cancel the bands Adelaide show due to a bad case of laryngitis sounded terrifically brutal and more than capable of hitting the high screams in crowd favorites Disciple and Angel of Death. New song Hate Worldwide was lapped up by the now drenched moshpit, it was clear that the band were loving the response with a quiet smile coming across Araya’s face. Drummer Dave Lombardo shone throughout the set proving to each and every person present as to why he is regarded as one of the world’s best metal drummers. Closing with the now iconic Raining Blood Slayer ensured that no one would be going to work on Wednesday morning without a killer headache and ringing ears, dishing out one final blast of brutality to their loyal army of fans.

Review written by Jarred Stovell

1 Set The World A Fire
2 Wake Up Dead
3 Hangar 18
4 Skin Of My Teeth
5 Headcrusher
6 She-Wolf
7 In My Darkest
8 Tornando Of Souls
9 1320
10 Rattlehead
11 Symphony Of Destruction
12 Peace Sells
13 Holy Wars

1 World Painted Blood
2 War Ensemble
3 Jihad
4 Psychopathy Red
5 Born Of Fire
6 Mandatory Suicide
7 Chemical Warfare
8 Ghost Of War
9 Hate Worldwide
10 Disciple
11 Dead Skin Mask
12 Hell Awaits
13 Angel Of Death
14 South Of Heaven


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