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Album Reviews : Ace Frehley – Anomaly

By on October 20, 2009


20 years since his last solo album and the Spaceman is back with another. His latest offering, ‘Anomaly’ isn’t exactly a departure from his usual style, which is sure to keep fans of his older material happy. The mostly instrumental “Genghis Khan” has a touch of Led Zeppelin with its country-esque guitars and powerful drums, and there’s a bit of Hendrix in a few other guitar parts. But more often than not, this is 70’s rock in the classic Ace style.

Also not unlike ‘Frehley’s Comet’ or his ’78 self-titled solo album, this album is a textbook example of the phrase hit and miss. “Pain In The Neck” is horribly dated without the power or energy to counteract it, and has one of the worst choruses I’ve heard in recent times. And while Ace has never been known for good lyrics, the lyrics to the incredible bland “A Little Below The Angels” make me cringe like nothing else; “Alcohol was a friend of mine/It almost got me dead/I crashed some cars/got into fights/some things I now regret”. It almost got him dead? Wow.

On the other hand, opener “Foxy & Free” is upbeat, fun and just a great rock song in general. “Too Many Faces” sounds like a dozen other songs but is entertaining nonetheless, and the bottom-heavy riffs of “Space Bear” sound fantastic up loud. Surprisingly early in the album is a cover of the Sweet classic “Fox On The Run” and while he doesn’t really add anything new to the song, it’s a solid rendition.

Whether or not his current sober state is to thank, who knows, but Ace’s voice hasn’t deteriorated in the slightest. He doesn’t sound like he’s aged a day. This album isn’t going to shock anybody, but chances are it’s going to appease fans. ‘Anomaly’ is Ace Frehley, complete with the usual handful of uninspired tracks and utterly pathetic lyrics. 5/10

Band: Ace Frehley
Album: Anomaly
Year: 2009
Genre: Rock
Origin: USA
Label: Riot! Entertainment

Track listing:
1. Foxy & Free
2. Outer Space
3. Pain In The Neck
4. Fox On The Run (Sweet cover)
5. Genghis Khan
6. Too Many Faces
7. Change The World
8. Space Bear <- Reviewers choice
9. A Little Below The Angels
10. Sister
11. It’s A Great Life
12. Fractured Quantum


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