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Album Reviews : Claim The Throne – Aletales

By on September 14, 2009

ctt_aletales_240After their ambitious debut release of not only a full length album, but also an accompanying short novel, Perth Folk Metallers Claim the Throne are back with a new EP/DVD release titled Aletales. Taking a step away from the darker battle focussed metal; Aletales showcases shorter songs and a much more jovial Finntroll styled drinking metal.

Opening with a typically epic sounding instrumental, the band immediately kick into a melodic death metal style metal with prominent keyboard melodies. Vocals mix between death metal, folk styled chanting and clean segment, with a delightful ballad about honey and mead rounding out the EP well. The highlight of the cd though is its ‘single‘ Set Sail on Ale, which for the band is their best, well rounded song they have written in my book.

Accompanying the EP, in its excellent packaging, is a DVD which contains the video clip for Set Sail on Ale and various outtakes including the ‘slaughtering‘ of some unfortunate Alpacas. The DVD also documents the band’s album launch for its debut album ‘Only The Brave Return’. A veritable feast of laughter, the movie features such shenanigans as competition to win a Viking meal on stage during the set – complete with turkey legs and mead, lactating female fans and subsequent shots of said breast milk, and of course copious amounts of beer and metal!

The best thing about Claim the Throne’s music is the lack of pretentiousness about it. The only thing that matters is that they can give their fans a good time! Aletales is about drinking beer and having fun with your friends. And despite the cd only running for 11 minutes, it is a thoroughly enjoyable listen!

Band: Claim The Throne
Album: Aletales
Year: 2009
Genre: Folk Metal
Origin: Perth, Australia
Label: Prime Cuts Music
Australian Distribution: Prime Cuts Music

Track listing:
1. Plundersaga
2. Of Mead & Weed
3. Set Sail on Ale (Reviewers Choice)
4. Fable From an Oaken Table
5. Two Pints of Honey & A Barrel Full of Beer


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