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Album Reviews : Nexus – The Paradise Complex

By on August 17, 2009

nexus_paradisecomplex240They are an eclectic mix of technical death metal, math rock, progressive music and jazz fusion, and they are yet more proof that the Australian heavy metal scene is one of the most progressive thinking in the world. Perth takes a step away from its grind and melodic death metal scene to offer us this band – Nexus – and their debut album ‘The Paradise Complex‘.

The Paradise Complex in its multifaceted glory may not be the be all and end all band of the genre; Cynic, Alarum and Meshuggah to a certain stylistic extent have got them covered; however they are yet another fresh breath on this burgeoning Australian scene From the melodious grind feel of ‘The Reckoning‘, the more Jazz like ‘The War of Thought‘ and the Nile’esque titled ‘LhaArn’dHrr‘ which displays some good death metal moments. And to match its versatility, the band combines weird time signatures and pace changes in a “replacing your aural hammer with a Meshuggah record” fashion.

Coming in a well presented digipack, Nexus are professional outfit. This is further shown in the great production and clarity heard on The Paradise Complex, a fact that in the past has let a lot of bands down in the Australian scene. While sometimes it feels some riffs are abruptly cut short and you’re listening to it fast forward, The Paradise Complex grows quickly on you musical tastebuds and will in part caters for anyone’s heavy metal preference. 7/10

For fans of: Cynic, Alarum, Meshuggah, Nile

Band: Nexus
Album: The Paradise Complex
Year: 2009
Genre: Metal
Label: Self Released
Origin: Perth, Australia

Track listing:
1. The Paradise Complex – I – The Reckoning
2. Ultimate Knowledge
3. Genesis
4. The Paradise Complex – II – The Reasoning
5. Twelve Minds
6. The War of Thought (Reviewer’s Choice)
7. The Paradise Complex – III – The Reawakening
8. LhaArn’dHrr