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Album Reviews : Cuntscrape/Deathfuckingcunt – Splitroast

By on July 28, 2009

cs_dfc_splitroastIn the tradition of some great Australian grind bands, Perth bands Cuntscrape (aka The Mighty Scrape) and Deathfuckingcunt have stepped up and delivered a splitroast devoid of any family enjoyment….unless you’re that fucked up.

As if the band name and titles weren’t enough, I will warn you that this split will offend all of the Christian sect’s and many, many others. The unashamedly porn infested ‘short, loud, but hopefully not too fast’ grind core by Cuntscrape makes for some intensely humorous ‘music’. With influences ranging from Fuck…I’m Dead to Ron Jeremy, the pick of the 11 filth laden tracks provided by Cuntscrape is ‘Finntrollop‘, a distinct foray into a folk fetish fantasy, humorous in the extreme given its complete unsuitability on the album, yet definite need to be here.

Where Cuntscrape step up with humour and porn effects, Deathfuckingcunt provide ‘extra defective-chromosonal tech slam.’ And you know what, the musicianship it pretty damn good too. Technically groove laden riffs laced with Rohypnol and Napalm Death appear throughout lending this reviewers preference to this end of the split and anticipation on future releases from DFC.

The equation is simple, if you like porn grind and porn tech slam, you will like this, and as The Mighty Scrape insist, on finishing this album your house really will “smell like sperm.” 5/10

Band: Cuntscrape/Deathfuckingcunt
Album: Splitroast
Year: 2009
Genre: Porn Grind/Tech Death Slam
Label: Prime Cuts Music
Origin: Perth, Australia and

Track listing:
1. The Veiny Shaft of Justice
2. Breasturaunt
3. Finntrollop (Reviewers Choice)
4. Technical Brutal Death Metal Song
5. Face Breaks and Sperm Cakes
6. Hommusexual
7. Mayonnasian
8. Dark Urinal
9. Uncle Nasty Fingers
10. Technical Brutal Death Metal Song (Extended Ron Jeremy Remix)
11. Slit Slots Sluts

12. Flexus Pexus
14. Light Beer = Intense Queer (Reviewers Choice)
15. Insana Cumsore