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Album Reviews : The Omen – The Omen

By on June 7, 2009

theomen_cover240With an upfront and forthright product of barely 24 minutes, Melbourne metaller’s The Omen have released their debut, self titled record through Truth Inc Records. Rightfully marketed as Thrash metal, the band also shows influences of death and metalcore which is almost expected in today’s mashed up modern sound.

Lung bursting screams, and moderately technical moments through the guitars are the notable points of the album, with each band member showing the necessary ability on their craft to prove their competency. The production sound however is lacking somewhat, even when looked at from an ‘authentic thrash recording’ point of view. It just lacks depth and punch, no doubt due to the lack of funds of a local band.

A number of times throughout this release, the band have missed the mark in the song writing. Often the drum is at one tempo – a thrash tempo if you will, while the guitarists are going slower and more ‘death metal’. This only serves to make the listener think that the band is out of time (see the intro to ‘Three Thirty Three’). While I’m not suggesting that they are incompetent by any means, maybe they could take a second look at their finished product and refine.

The fast paced and old school thrash sounding ‘You Creep’ shows moments of early thrash influences, which makes the song easily my favourite on the album. Aside from this, the album is quite par, with nothing that will make your ears prick up. The album is a rock that they will build on with future releases. But really, it’s just a rock. 5/10

Band: The Omen
Album: The Omen
Year: 2009
Genre: Thrash/Death Metal
Label: Truth Inc Records
Origin: Melbourne, Australia

Track listing:
1. Hunter
2. Three Thirty Three
3. Don’t Forget Your Boots
4. Last Days
5. Globes Don’t Leave Fingerprints
6. You Creep (Reviewer’s Choice)
7. Lionfight
8. Hunted