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Album Reviews : Envenomed – Envenomed EP

By on June 2, 2009

envlargeBeing one of my favourite live bands in the local scene, I’ve been very curious to hear how Envenomed would translate onto a recording. As I expected, there is a drop in energy levels and the songs just aren’t quite as fun as they are live. The awkward vocal moments that pop up in a few of the songs are much more noticeable here than in a live setting, and the music simply doesn’t have the same power behind it. It all sounds that bit more restrained. But, I’m blaming this on the fact that the band is so damn good live, not that this recording is bad.

Live comparison aside, this is a good recording; the drums have a nice punch to them, the vocal clarity is spot-on and it’s generally a well-balanced mix.  There are only four tracks on here, clocking in at less than 25 minutes but the songs were wisely chosen. Each track has something special about it, whether it’s the catchy vocals of “Rages War Within” or trying to guess where “Slave No More” will go next, they’re all as memorable as each other. Musically, this short but sweet EP has everything you could want from a Heavy Metal album. There are fantastic guitar hooks and well-placed guitar solos all over the place, and enough thrash aggression to give the tracks some edge. While I mentioned before that there are a few questionable vocal lines, don’t let this put you off. I’m not quite sure what it is but there is this free, human quality to Mav’s voice which makes these moments easily forgivable, and surprisingly enjoyable at times. Regardless, he more than makes up for this elsewhere. Some of the higher notes he hits are spectacular, and the harsh side he brings in occasionally is always welcome.

While this release is a good introduction to Envenomed, don’t judge them entirely on this release. They are the type of band that will really get you moving live and it’s most definitely the best setting to witness these songs in. If you are a fan of the band already, this is definitely a worth purchase, but if you aren’t lucky enough to know them already then head along to one of their live performances first. Envenomed are a live band through and through, but I’m glad to finally have a decent recording to make the wait between gigs that bit easier. 7/10

Band: Envenomed
Album: Envenomed EP
Year: 2009
Genre: Heavy Metal/Thrash
Label: Independent
Origin: Melbourne, Australia

Track listing:
1. Failure to Falter
2. Slave No More <- Reviewers Choice
3. Rages War Within
4. In Sanity’s Stead


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