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Album Reviews : Dreadnaught – D->0

By on May 21, 2009

As far as I am concerned Dreadnaught simply don’t get the credit they deserve, even after all these years. Their debut “BodyBloodSkinMind” remains a personal favourite to this day and they have always been one of those bands that are continually evolving yet manage to retain a distinct thread in what they do. “D->0”, is certainly no exception to that rule.

Their previous album “Dirty Music”, which came out on Roadrunner in 2005, couldn’t have had a more apt title. There has never been anything contrived about Dreadnaught and they have always been direct, to the point and devoid of pleasantries, particularly lyrically where the focus has always been on the darker side of life.

Whilst Dreadnaught inhabit that grey area between (heavy) rock and metal they shift between these styles seamlessly, sometimes within a single song. There are numerous examples of this throughout the forty minutes of music which makes up “D->0” and they have achieved a level of consistency that makes it difficult to choose a standout track on what is a very strong CD.

Compared to its predecessor “Dirty Music”, which was effectively a stripped back rock album with a production to match, “D->0” is a more complex release that is both aggressive and memorable with a much improved sound that enables all elements to be heard clearly.

And that really is the key here, Dreadnaught have finally managed to get the perfect balance between these integral elements and this results in what is undoubtedly their most well rounded and complete release to date.

I find it interesting that the band themselves are describing “D->0” as a return to their thrash metal roots and their heaviest release to date. There is no doubt they appear rejuvenated, which is great to see, and this is reflected in the music they have written and the performances of each member on the CD.

I can safely say that if you enjoyed what Dreadnaught have delivered previously, or even if you are unfamiliar with their work, then “D->0” is a pretty safe investment. It is the sound of a band that has always produced honest music, have paid their dues and deserve recognition for releasing not only the best release of their career but also a highlight of the year so far. Well done gentlemen. 8/10

Band: Dreadnaught
Album: D->0
Year: 2009
Genre: Metal
Label: Amphead
Origin: Australia

Track Listing:

1. Tattooed Tears
2. The Push
3. Save Your Life
4. Collapse
5. Reflections (Part 1)
6. More Than One Way
7. Agony/Ecstacy
8. Reflections (Part 2)
9. 10x The Pain (Reviewers choice)
10. Twist The Knife
11. Reflections (part 3)
12. Buried

Review by Peter Schulz