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Interviews : Morbid Angel (David Vincent) – 07/05/2009

By on May 8, 2009

Morbid Angel were one of the fundamental elements of the early death metal movement in the 80’s, thanks to brainchild, Trey Azagthoth.

Morbid Angel played a big role in the genres metamorphosis throughout the mid to late 90’s. Their music has made a large impact on not only the death metal genre, but also heavy metal as a whole, with many well known bands taking a shine to their amazing blend of technical death metal.

The band have come full circle and are now considered to have the quintessential line up, with; Trey Azagthoth on guitars, Pete Sandoval on drums, and of course David Vincent on bass and vocals. The trio will be returning to Australia and New Zealand this June to bring their formidable onslaught of death metal grooves to our part of the world.

I recently had the pleasure to speak with main frontman, David Vincent about the upcoming tour, the bands new album, and of course his religious and political views.


Metal Obsession: Greetings David, thanks for taking the time to speak with us at

David Vincent: My pleasure

MO: Many fans of Morbid Angel, myself included, are looking forward to the bands upcoming tour of Australia and New Zealand in early June.  This will be Morbid Angel’s second tour of Australia, the first being in 1996. For the many metal heads who have yet to experience at Morbid Angel  gig, what can they expect from the bands upcoming tour?

DV: We’re excited about it as well. It has been way too long since we last visited you folks and we’re going to make up for that tardiness!

MO: Morbid Angel have been hard at work writing their yet untitled 8th studio album. Could you give us a little insight into the writing and recording process so far of the new album?

DV: We’re all really excited about the new material. As you’re aware, this will be my first studio album with the band since “Domination” in 1995 so this is almost like a brand new fresh experience.

Trey has been like a mad scientist, riffing away until the wee hours and he’s coming up with absolutely brilliant stuff as usual. We’ve been hitting it hard for sure. We’ll be taking a break from the process to  visit with you all in June, Then it’s back to the laboratory!

MO: I assume you will continue the band’s tradition of naming  albums in alphabetical order, no doubt this new album with start with an “I” ?

DV: Well, based on our history that would be a fair assumption. In truth, we haven’t made a decision yet.

MO: Has there been any discussion on which label will be releasing the new album, as I’ve heard the band is without a label at the moment?

DV: Our management has been in negotiations with several labels. The list has been narrowed down substantially, but I’d prefer not to discuss the details until the deal is done.

MO: Do you have a rough idea when the new album will be released, and are you planning to release a digipak version as well?

DV: I really like special and unique packaging. I always have. We all want to make the best product possible. As you’re aware the music “business” has changed dramatically so we will have to see what  options are available to us at release time.

MO: I had a chance to listen to one of the new tracks entitled,  “Nevermore” via Youtube last year when it was played at Hellfest in Europe. It seems Morbid Angel have grown better with age, as this track infuses powerful speed elements to that of ‘Altars of Madness’ and ‘Formula’s Fatal  to the Flesh’, while incorporating melodic and atmospheric moments to that of ‘Gateways to Annihilation’ and ‘Heretic’.

It sounds like you guy’s have been hard at work, and the final result is outstanding. My question is, how would you personally compare the new album to the bands repertoire of past releases, would you say its your best work yet?

DV: Listen, there should be no doubt about the creativity and integrity of Morbid Angel. We push ourselves over the top constantly  and we always have. People talk to me about “expectations” and I know that they are high. I always try to remind people that we have high expectations of ourselves.

Making a Morbid Angel album is an exhausting experience in a good way. Ultimately, WE need to feel that  it is awesome! This will then have a ripple effect into everything else that we do. We are very pleased with the progress thus far.

MO: What is the main emphasis of the new album, is there a story, or concept in which you tell through the album?

DV: I’m not prepared to go into detail just yet.

MO: I’d like to drift off a little from Morbid Angel if I could,  David, and speak to you about you’re role in the church of Satan. Many Morbid Angel fans would be familiar with the bands themes of Satanism, paganism and anti-Christian subject matter, yet many would be unfamiliar with  you’re role in the church of Satan. Could you give us a little insight into the church, and why you joined the church in the first place?

DV: Let’s just say “the left had path” has been a big inspiration for me creatively in terms of formative thought and moral guidance. The notion of “joining” a church much like joining a country club is  really not the essence of “the path”.

It’s not so important what  actions are taken but more about the understandings, logic and spiritual awareness that one uses as a basis for life. I initially “joined” the church because I felt it was a simple, common sense antithesis to the idiocy of organized religion.

To me it’s become a  very personal doctrine that I have used as a tool, one of many that I use to structure my path of enlightenment.

MO: It seems the Church of Satan is used more as an ideology, much like Paganism, rather then a religion in itself that people strive to follow and hopefully one day live a pipe dream next to their all knowing, and all seeing god. All religions once started as an ideology in some way,  yet sadly over time became a prison for many.

My question to you David, without offending you and your beliefs in anyway, is; Do you believe that as a race, we should put our elitist religious views aside,  and work harder to evolve our spiritual selves and technological  advancements on this planet to further our evolution, or do you believe having a god and a religion in some way will bring order to an already war ridden, famine and disease infested planet, which many people see religion (both Christianity and Satanism) as the sole reason for the worlds decline in the last 2000 years?…It would be good to discuss you’re beliefs and ideals over a beer or two when you arrive in Melbourne. 🙂

DV: This would be a long discussion. I don’t disagree with your premise at all. One of the obstacles I see is that most people lack not only confidence but also a real understanding about who they are and how they are a part of something bigger.

It is a big responsibility knowing this and believing this. It makes people feel uncomfortable and insecure. Most will never truly confront this reality. Various distractions in life such as organized religion,  television etc are opiates that numb people into a sense of well being and keep them corralled together as obedient slaves and consumers.

A beer and a football game is much more relaxing then having to face the man in the mirror and know that man staring back at you is the end all-be all. Heavy stuff indeed. The rest can be extrapolated from here.

MO: I heard sometime ago that you, and you’re wife Gen were currently working on a new Genitorturers album, entitled “Blackheart  Revolution”. How’s the album coming along, as last time I heard it was going to be released in mid 2008 and there hasn’t been any news of it since,  is there an official release for the album?

DV: Gen’s record is finished. She’s looking at creative ways to get it released.

MO: Any chance you and the Genitorturers will tour Australia again in the near future? Last time being in 2006 with Sydney based sync-rock band ‘Dead Inside The Chrysalis’.

DV: My priorities lie with Morbid Angel. I haven’t had the time to devote to Gen for a while now. It is a fun band though and there may be instances in the future when I am able to be involved in some aspect.

MO: What bass equipment are you currently using at the moment, are you still signed with Dean Guitars?

DV: I’m happily still with Dean Guitars. They are good friends of mine and have been very supportive of my endeavors for many years!

MO: For someone who’s been in the music industry as long as you’ve  been, what are yo
u’re thoughts on the heavy metal movement today? Do you think heavy metal music still carries the same values and beliefs as it  did back in the day. Do you believe its evolved, or rather devolved over time?

DV: I don’t have a comment on the “movement” as I’ve never looked at it in that way. I think there are creative artists in all “genres” of music but labels really never did much for me. Either a band is good  or they are not. Trends come and go.

Many of them I don’t care for at all. I will say that there is a rabid audience for “TRUE METAL” that  will always be there and bands like Morbid Angel will be there to deliver!

MO: As we all know you’ll be touring Australia in early June with  Morbid angel. Have you and the lads made any plans to check out any of the local bands down here, or is there any bands you’d like to check out while you’re on tour in Australia?

DV: I hope that the support acts will be awesome! I’m always looking for new music to listen to.

MO: What are some of you’re favorite Australian metal bands at the moment?

DV: My iPod is so diverse unless I’m looking at the screen I sometimes don’t know what it is I’m listening to, apart from the Japanese stuff. I know this because they are not singing in English 🙂

MO: Are you and the lads hoping to do a bit of sightseeing while on  tour in Australia and New Zealand?

DV: If possible, one of my favorite places to go is the Lone Pine  Koala Sanctuary near Brisbane. Hopefully, our schedule will provide  for some good nature activities.

MO: Is there any final comments you’d like to make before we finish up?

DV: Good interview. Thanks

MO: Cheers David. Thanks for taking the time to speak with us at Me and many others are looking forward to the upcoming Morbid Angel tour of Australia and New Zealand. We wish you the best of luck for the upcoming tour, the new album, and the bands future endeavors.

DV: Thanks and believe me, the band and I are all really looking forward to this trip as well!

Band: Morbid Angel
Date: 07/05/2009
Origin: Florida, America

Interviewer: Anwar Rizk (black_tooth_grin)
Interviewee: David Vincent (Vocals and bass)

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