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Album Reviews : Hatchet Dawn – Faith In Chaos

By on April 19, 2009

With a brief drum solo kicking things off in an enjoyably melodic fashion, Hatchet Dawn offer to us a short, groovy heavy metal cd that gives it all it can in the 16 minute of music on the EP.

When you crank the volume to 11, the heavily distorted guitars and their chunk laden riffs pulsate through your veins like demon’s breath. It is kind of like Tool meeting Pantera, minus the awesome shredding, but matching in full on the aggression. In fact it is the unrelenting nature of Hatchet Dawn that is the drawcard on this EP. Once in a groove induced state, the band forgoes with the formalities of the standard song layout and use pure aggression to their advantage.

‘Red Memoirs’ slows the pace down considerably with a slow haunting track, while still keeping a sense of focussed intensity. But the highlight is clearly ‘The Serpent Order’, which showcases some great talent in terms of melodic guitar solos and vocal range.

So while this is only a teaser for the future of the band, we get a good idea on what to expect in the near future from the band, and the addition of a bonus video clip of the track ‘The Serpent Order’ at the end of the EP make it well worth a look in.

Band: Hatchet Dawn
Album: Faith In Chaos
Year: 2009
Genre:  Metal
Label: Amphead
Origin: Melbourne, Australia

Track listing:
1. Demon
2. Consuming Creation
3. Red Memoirs
4. The Serpent Order (Reviewers Choice)
5. Perfect Parasite

Bonus Material:
‘The Serpent Order’ Music Video