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Album Reviews : Ink – Black Water Reign

By on March 31, 2009

From the ashes of Jerk comes Ink? I’m sure I could have thought of a sexual intro there involving Jerk. What a lost opportunity. Jerk was a somewhat successful industrial metal band from Sydney. The band came to national notice with their 2003 debut ‘When pure is defiled‘. Shortly after their rise to.. notice-ability, they were gone again.

From the word go its pretty obvious that the band has left behind the industrial based metal from the days of Jerk for a more mainstream rock, possibly hard rock sound. Everything from the guitar, to the drums to vocals have all been hit with the mainstream switch. The riffs are catchier, and the songs sound familiar after one listen.

Any other day kicks off the familiarity that is the album I am here to review; Black Water Reign. God it sounds familiar. After a little research I have to conclude that it is indeed their own song and not a cover. Short, fast, catchy and it rocks. A good start to the album, or EP? 7 tracks and 26 minutes. I’ll stick with EP I think. Back to the songs, mid 90s rock is probably a good way to describe the opening track.

My World follows up in position 2. Slow, moving intro. Emotive, slightly whiny vocals. Nickelback springs to mind. You know, their first big single.. the ‘how you remind me‘ track. Maybe that’s a little harsh, but it follows that sort of formula, picking up at the chorus with something to get stuck in your head easily. ‘Lead or Follow‘ brings back the riffs. Jonathon Devoy ate some gravel before recording this track, releasing some rough vocals into the open. A meaty chorus is the highlight of this track. Its really not a bad album so far, I kinda regret putting off the review/listen to the album for so long!

The Oldest Trick is a little experimental, something a little heavier. Something left over from Jerk perhaps? Of Course I don’t know, but a good track none the less. A cover of Iggy PopsCry for Love‘ is up next. I don’t think its a cover you can just mention the name of and people know what track you’re talking about, but its pretty good, and well, not much I can say to trigger your memory there I’m sorry to say. Its rocky, and fits the feel of the album. That feel being an album that would have had more success 15 years ago, in the height of the 90s rock scene.

Two Minutes Hate is another slow building up rocker. Nothing too original, as with any of the tracks on the album, its like a time machine, taking you to a familiar time musically. The riff heavy ‘The High Road‘ finishes off the album. An epic in terms of this album, it clocks in at 5:28. Another track that borders on heavy, finishing the album on a good note. A nice lengthy solo is the highlight of the track, and the track is the highlight of the album.

Musically Black Water Reign is nothing too original, and in terms of vocals Mr. Devoy sticks pretty close to his safe area, without experimenting at all really. If you want something original, look elsewhere, if you want something you know you’ll enjoy without setting the world on fire, check Ink out.


Album: Black Water Reign
Year: 2008
Genre: Mainstream/Heavy Rock
Label: Riot!
Origin: Sydney, Australia

Track listing:
1. Any Other Day
2. My World
3. Lead or Follow
4. The Oldest Trick
5. Cry For Love (Iggy Pop)
6. Two Minutes Hate
7. The High Road  (Reviewer’s Choice)


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