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Album Reviews : Rainshadow – End Songs

By on March 1, 2009

With influences from the who’s who of the doomy style, Melbourne’s Rainshadow have produced a solid album of gothic styled heavy metal. With music and lyrics written by main man Ben Williamson, and with some recording help contributed by Mark Kelson (The Eternal), a mature and professional sound to the album really shines through creating a conflict of moods and allowing you the listener to take what you want from the music.

The opposing relationship that extends through the ten songs on the album offers an interesting point to consider. It confused me a little as to why the lyrics and music seemingly head toward different meanings and directions. Perhaps it’s the state of mind that one has when listening to this style of music as to whether you will understand my meaning or not. If quite contented with life, you’ll find yourself drawn to the music more so, with tracks such as the Katatonia inspired ‘It’s All Over’ along with ‘Frost Bite’ feeling really upbeat. However if your truly in the doomy mood, focus solely on the lyrics and that’s where you will stay, if you run through the track titles you will understand my meaning.

While the kick, snare, kick, snare drumbeat is generally quiet uninspired and reminds me of The Eternal’s debut album, the music itself offers quite an emotionally defiant feeling that counteracts the downcast and doomy lyrical topics, which are true gothic pessimism. The mix on the album is fantastic, with quite a bass driven tone throughout, however stepping back when need be to allow the guitar and occasional atmospheric keyboards to come to the fore. The vocals are well delivered too, rarely straining beyond their range, although a bit more variety would not go astray on future releases.

Matched with an appearance on a Terrorizer Magazine CD, this album is a great start for the band, however the obvious influences shine through and some more Rainshadow originality wouldn’t go astray. 7/10

Band: Rainshadow
Album: End Songs
Year: 2007
Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Self Released
Origin: Melbourne, Australia

Track listing:
1. Past Sorrows
2. Omega
3. It’s All Over (Reviewers Choice)
4. Frost Bite
5. Ghosts
6. Darker Dawn
7. Forget
8. Decay
9. Empty Fields
10. Her Shadow